Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bdellium Tools 990 Angled Face Brush: Bronzer in a Hurry

If you like a bit of bronzer under your cheekbones to create a contoured look in seconds, you should look into the Bdellium Tools Angled Face Brush. I went to IMATS looking for an angled contour brush and the 990 looked really neat. Bdellium makes affordable brushes with bamboo handles and cruelty free synthetic bristles. This brush retails for $18 but with the 40% discount at IMATS, I only paid $11. What a steal!

There are many angled face brushes on the market but not many are as wide as the Bdellium Tools 990. They also make the 942 Slanted Contour which is much smaller and better for more precise contouring. I wanted a big brush I could swirl in bronzer and sweep onto my face in broad strokes. I don't have a whole lot of time in the mornings to get ready so I'm all for brushes that do all the work for me. The bristles are super soft and silky. The bamboo handle is on the shorter side which I like because it's easier to travel with and long handles can be a bit unwieldy at times. 

You might have already noticed one of the major flaws with this brush from the first photo. After a wash, the hairs on my brush became uneven. I did not tug very hard on the bristles or wash them too much. The hairs are just not sturdily held together and they end up being different lengths. I trimmed the uneven bits, washed the brush again and the same thing happened. This does not happen often with other brushes I have used so I believe this is just a dud with this particular brush. I'm curious to see if this would happen again if I ordered another one of these brushes. For $11 I would take the risk but $18 might be a bit steep if this happens again. 

The Bdellium 990 Angled Face Brush is one of my current favorite brushes for bronzing my face at the moment. I love the softness of the brush and the wide shape for fast application. Although the uneven hairs bother me, they do not negatively affect the way the brush applies product. What brush do you use for contouring? Have you tried Bdellium Tools?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hawaiian Beach Beauty Picks

By the time you read this, I'll be relaxing on the island of Kauai! My boyfriend and I have been wanting to go for years and it's my first time in the most tropical American state (whereas he's been to Hawaii twice already). We plan on tackling some hiking trails and swimming in crystal waters so not much makeup is needed at all.

Of course sunscreen is a huge must for beach trips. I'm bringing two three ounce tubes of body sunscreen because we're not checking in our luggage. The first is the Yes to Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 and the other is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 30. I have a feeling we'll run out of sunscreen before our 10 day jaunt is over but we can just buy another tube when we get there.

Remember to protect your lips from the sun as well! The KIKO Ultra Glossy Stylo in 807 has SPF 15 and the sheer glossy finish is great for a fresh, no-makeup look. The Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon is a lovely red that adds natural color to tanned skin. The tube is ultra slim because mine is a mini and the cream formula means I don't need to tote around a brush to apply it. I don't like to deal with brushes on travels so liquid liner is the easiest way to add definition to my lashline. The Physician's Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum has a very fine brush tip that allows me to easily create a winged line. Waterproof mascara is a staple in my everyday makeup routine, beach or no beach. I'm trying out the Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara and I've been liking it quite a bit. It's not as good as The Falsies or The Colossal but it's still decent. Summer means sandals and my toes are rocking Zoya's Yana*, a bright fuchsia red that applies opaque in two coats.

Can't wait to soak in all that Kauai and Oahu have to offer us! I'll be on the look out for gems to feature on upcoming travel posts! What are your must have beauty products for outdoorsy trips?

*This was provided to me for free by Zoya. All thoughts are my own. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My New Chapter and The State of Blogging

Today I am graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications. Eighteen years of education (from preschool to undergraduate college) started with gluing macaroni to cardboard and now here I am, about to join the "real world". I don't believe in graduation ceremonies and if it weren't for my parents, I honestly would much rather spend today at home drafting blogposts. Looking back at my 21 years of life, so much of it has revolved around school but starting tomorrow, it will no longer be a major part of my existence anymore. That sounds a bit extreme but it's true. Perhaps one day I'll get a masters in something or another. But for now, I'm glad to be putting the tedious homework, group assignments and stressful exams behind me.

But with the close of this chapter comes the beginning of a new one. Work. Adulthood. I started thinking about this quite early compared to my peers and have racked up three relevant internships, a few part time jobs and volunteer stints. But I don't have a full time job lined up. For the past few weeks I drifted between states of profound hope and extreme anxiety. With school there is always a clear path in terms of grade progression. Each September you have a rough idea of what the next year will bring whether it is fractions, AP European history, or Management 1001. Finally I am free of prerequisite requirements and I have freedom to choose what I want to do. But do I really have that freedom?

If I go into my answer to that question, this post would simply be too long. I'll leave it as an open question to you. I would love to read your experiences of finishing school or anything that ruled your life for many years whether it was a job, relationship or something else.

So with the onset of my professional journey I've had to think about the state of my blog. Should I treat my blog as a project and feature it on Linkedin? Should I disclose to my future boss and coworkers that I blog about beauty? Should I optimize my content and try to turn this into a career? I have a lot of questions and not many clear cut answers. I know I do not want to compromise on the quality and authenticity of my blog. I am also not comfortable with telling everyone I meet in a professional setting that I blog even though a quick Google search of my name will lead you to this page. This is something I am trying to overcome.

This space was my escape from being ordered around and told what I had to do. This was my sanctuary away from the grades and competition. I set my own terms and control the content. But as blogging becomes more prevalent and methodical, I find it harder to simply treat it as a hobby. Several non-blogging acquaintances have remarked how "lucky" I am to have a blog and I take that as an insult considering how none of this was an accident. My blog is a result of many hours of thinking and doing, not just coincidence and luck. People have suggested I monetize and I held off on doing that for a long time. I only recently started using Google Adsense because I want to learn more about how the program works for professional development reasons. Blogging was never about the money or material value. It was about expressing myself and being a part of a community. I hope I can continue to carry out this mission as my personal life goes through a major transition.

I haven't done a personal post in a long time so this is a peek into what's swirling around in my head at the moment. I miss sharing my random real life thoughts on the blog with you all. I'm confident many of you also struggle with similar things. Ignoring the unpleasantries will eventually cause this place to be a fake platform that paints a picture of a perfect life. I hope you will continue to join me for the next chapter!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Physician's Formula pH Matchmaker Blush: A Surprisingly Good Gimmick

Physician's Formula has some of the more quirky, inventive releases from the drugstore because they attempt to lure in customers with happy boosting plant extracts and pH adapting products. I'm not easily fooled by these claims but ages ago there was a good deal at CVS on Physician's Formula so I nabbed the pH Matchmaker blush in Natural for a few bucks. Packaging and exaggerated claims aside, it's actually a very nice drugstore blush!

The pH Matchmaker blush comes in a clunky black plastic compact and contains 6 grams of product. It retails for $12.95 which is expensive for a drugstore offering. Physician's Formula is frequently 40% off and CVS sometimes has $7 off $10 coupons for the brand. There are only two shades to choose from: Natural and Rose. Natural is a midtone pink with a touch of coral and from looking at online swatches, Rose looks a bit more like a deep pink. I wish there were more shades to choose from although the marketing behind this claims that "Fluorescein Based Dye-senses the pH level of your skin & adjusts within 60 seconds to create your perfect blushing glow". Not sure if I believe that....

Upon opening the compact, you get a nice mirror with a little switch to the right hand corner. Switch it on and two bright lights will come on. This is supposed to somehow help you apply your blush in dark places but I'm not sure how many people would find this useful. Personally I find the lights way too bright and a bit blinding. The blush flips up to reveal a flimsy brush that is useless. I would much prefer a simple, clear cased compact with no blush and no lights. Brands could save money, reduce packaging costs and make their products much more appealing all in one go.

Despite all the packaging complaints, the blush has a nice formula. There are little raised dots with silver shimmer overlay that come off as you swirl your brush in the pan. I could do without the shimmer but it's not noticeable once applied. The blush itself seems to have a little pearl in it as well but it's still very smooth and soft to the touch. The swatch above looks matte and on the cheeks, this blush gives the face a healthy satin appearance. The color is perfect for a variety of complexions and the powder is easily blended to give a natural flush or you can build it up for an intense cheek. Freshly applied, this looks like a much more higih end blush than it is. Lasting power on me was so-so and lasted about six hours before fading.

Physician's Formula has a few quirks to work out with the packaging with the pH Matchmaker blushes but I really like the color of Natural and the powder itself is not powdery or hard to work with. Did it change color on me? Not that I could tell. But it's still pretty nonetheless and worth a gander if Physician's Formula happens to be on sale.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

10 Products Worth The Hype

Beauty bloggers are usually the first to try out new releases and are quick to judge but I'm admittedly more of a late adopter. Of course I would love to test out the latest pore-minimizing primer or 3-in-1 lip color creation but alas I have a limited budget and only one face to play with. I'm constantly making a mental wishlist of products I want to try and sometimes I put off trying overly hyped items because I don't want to conform to what everyone else is using.... Does that make sense? Long story short, these are a handful (or two) of highly raved about beauty bits that you've probably heard about a million times somewhere else but are worth a purchase in my books!

Bioderma Crealine H2O - I feel kind of bad just mentioning this product because I know it's so difficult to procure a reasonably priced bottle of this in the states. But... I really do like it. I was slow to warm up to cleansing waters because many don't do a great job of removing makeup quickly or the scents were off-putting or some other random reason. But Bioderma truly feels like water, doesn't leave a residue and removes my makeup easily. I still have a bit of my first bottle left and an entire giant 500ml unopened bottle to dig into so I'll be set for a few more months.

Origins Super Spot Remover - Oops, I totally forgot to add this little guy to my group photo! At one point I remember quite a few bloggers loved this potent gel for zapping sits but nobody seems to talk about it anymore. I'm on my second bottle of this and already have a third back-up because I always use this on especially pesky under-the-skin spots that I want gone quickly. This is strong stuff so I don't use it all every night but it's good for pinpoint spot reducing.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - I can be a bit of a concealer snob because most of my favorites so far have been high end. But I swear every British beauty blogger and Youtuber has a tube of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and for 4£ I succumbed to the temptation. Looking past the awfully grubby packaging and the label that's so worn off that you can't even tell what product this is, it's a fine concealer for covering blemishes! I don't use this much for my under eyes because I favor a creamier, lighter formula but I love this concealer for spot concealing and it's great for red, healing pimples. Sometimes I'll just do a few strokes of this over problem areas, blend with a foundation brush and set with powder for my base.

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray - I didn't think this would be worth the price as it's $14 for one fluid ounce. I have been misting my made-up face with toner to get rid of the powdery look for years but this is remarkably good at keeping my makeup fresh for longer. Part of the reason this works is the very fine misting nozzle. Four spritzes and my face is set without looking wet. I plan on trying the full size bottles from Skindinavia soon because they manufacture the Urban Decay ones.

Nars Translucent Setting Powder - While I don't find this gives my skin a luminous finish, I do think it's a wonderful setting powder that lasts well throughout the day and is imperceptible despite the stark white powdery you see in the container. A little goes a long way but sometimes I get a bit too much on my brush and my face never looks cakey. I also like that it's ultra basic without any fancy packaging, scent or marketing. It's a simple basic product that can live on my vanity all year round.

Nars Blushes - When I bought my first Nars blush in Deep Throat, the price was $27. Now they are $30. They're expensive but still a classic go-to product whether you only need one everyday blush or you want five variations of a bold cheek. I've been using Albatross, the white gold highlighter, almost everyday the last two weeks and have fallen back in love. Just the slightest pat with a brush gives a lasting flush for hours.

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing - I thought everyone loved this bronzer because of the gimmicky packaging but I'm happy to report that this is a very nice bronzer to warm up the complexion. I have been using this everyday for the last two weeks in conjunction with Albatross and I love the natural yet slightly sculpted look this gives my cheeks. The cute chocolate packaging and sweet scent are just extra bonuses.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze - I have a plethora of neutral eyeshadows in my collection but the thing that stands out about Maybelline's Bad the Bronze is how easy it is to use on it's own. For a normal day, I'd rather spend more time perfecting my skin and base rather than spend 15 minutes blending eyeshadow. With this, I can skip the eye primer completely and the shade is perfect for deepening my eyes slightly and adding a bit of glimmer.

Real Techniques Face Brushes - For the price, I like the Pixiwoos' line of makeup brushes. The colorful handles are cute and the face brushes are quite nice for foundation, powder and creams. I haven't tried the eye brushes but the type of synthetic hairs aren't my favorite for eye work so I can't vouch for those. The buffing brush and contour brush from the Core Collection are definitely favorites.

Mac 217 and 239 Eyeshadow Brushes - I'm not a huge fan of Mac brushes because the price isn't justified by the quality at times and I'd rather invest in Hakuhodo or Wayne Goss brushes. But.... I really enjoy using the popular 217 and 239 brushes. The 217 was my first high end brush purchase and it's great for blending and even after many years it hasn't shed or lost its softness. I have a few 217 dupes but I still prefer the Mac one out of all of them. The 239 is one of the best flat shadow brushes and I appreciate the tiny size for my small lids.

What are your favorite products that have been worth the buzz? Do you tend to trust hyped up products or do you like to go for lesser known brands and products? Let me know what products I should try next!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Inside My ZPalettes: Depotting Mania!

ZPalettes have been around for years and I'm sure most of you have heard of them or maybe even own a few. For a long time I avoided ZPalettes because, honestly, I thought they looked a bit ugly. I'm still not a fan of their logotype and I don't like that it's boldly emblazoned on the bottom right of every palette. Call me weird but I wish the front of the palette was plain. I eventually grew up to not mind these and have been planning on purchasing some for awhile so that I could depot various drugstore shadows and use them more. I jumped at the chance to get a pro ZPalette and small ZPalette at IMATS because they were discounted. I would have preferred both to be plain black but they only had the zebra printed small ones.... 

I went on a crazy depotting spree a few weeks ago and went to town on my Wet n' Wild and Revlon shadows with a candle and some old pens to poke and pry the pans loose. In general, depotting is quite easy and self explanatory. Just heat the plastic bottom of the product with a candle or flat iron and poke out the metal pan with a pen or something. ZPalettes come with flat metal discs that stick to the magnetic bottoms of the palettes quite well. The downside is that the discs are about the size of a Mac eyeshadow and they're too large for some smaller pans. I had to cut the discs and it bent the metal which then made it harder to adhere....

Here is a look at some of the shadows that are in my smaller palette. I really like being able to mix and match shadows from different palettes that I normally wouldn't go through the trouble of pairing together. I popped in the creamy matte beige,  matte mid tone brown, and matte dark brown from the Wet n' Wild Vanity 6 Pan Palette because they're staples that can be used for many looks. This palette is a very good size for traveling and you can fit a lot of colors if you have small pans.

As you can see, not everything fits perfectly together in my larger ZPalette. It kind of bothers me the way the space looks but it's no biggie. I can switch out pans between the two sizes so I keep the smaller one on my vanity for easy access. I depotted a few blushes that are ancient in my collection and gathering dust. The two rectangular pans are Rimmel Lasting Finish Blushes and the circular ones are very old Jane blushes which were discontinued years ago. As you can see, I'm a neutral girl through and through....

I bought a strip of magnet that already has adhesive on it for my odd shaped pans sometimes the magnets repel each other which causes weird gaps. The two crease shades do not want to be next to each other.... 

I don't think I realized how much space I actually needed to depot most of my drugstore eyeshadows. I probably would need at least two more Pro sized palettes just for drugstore shadows and blushes. However, I don't intend on depotting everything since I kind of like the packaging on some products. I also do not intend on depotting most high end products since the packaging is often decent already.

I originally bought these ZPalettes so that I would have a place to store products that do not come in cases and that I would buy in large quantities such as La Femme blushes or MakeupGeek eyeshadows. But I realized I have so much makeup that I have not used that it would make no sense to purchase new products. But now I know, when I've gone through some of my makeup (which might never happen) I'll definitely purchase more Pro ZPalettes (in black!). They work well and feel quite sturdy for cardboard and plastic. I like that the Pro palettes have a faux leathery grain feel to them.

Do you have any ZPalettes? What do you keep in yours?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Holika Holika Pure Mellow Moisture Tint in Coral: The New Favorite

I expected the Holika Holika Pure Mellow Moisture Tints to be a glossy lipstain much like the Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint or the Etude House Color Pop Shine Tint but these are a bit different. The Pure Mellow Moisture Tints are less of a gloss and more of a true tint with a light but smooth formula that sinks into the lips beautifully. I like almost every lip tint that I've tried but these are really a great find! I believe these retail for ₩6,000 (under $6) and Holika Holika was having BOGO on lip products when I picked these up so I scored these awesome tints for under $3 each!

I have two shades of these and the one shown above is Coral. The Pure Mellow tint line is quite small and only contains four shades. Coral looks more like a red to me and on the doe foot applicator it looks like a neon pink. With one coat you can achieve a very natural tint with not much shine at all but three coats can produce a juicy looking apple red which you can see in the swatch above. The formula is unlike other lip tints or stains I've tried before because it almost has an oily feel. It's not oily in a bad way but rather a conditioning sensation. This tint does not dry out my lips at all and is super comfortable to wear. The scent reminds me of cherry medicine which is a tad bit off-putting but nothing too terrible. All around, it's one of my favorite lip tints!

I did a video to showcase all the Korean lip tints in my collection since they're some of my favorite lip products at the moment. Watch the video to see swatches and to hear about my favorites!

What is your favorite lip tint? Do you prefer a tint to a lipgloss and lipstick?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Catrice Think Pink Blush: The Summer Flush

It's already been a year since I hauled six Catrice blushes and yet I've only reviewed two; where has the time gone?! The first two I swatched, Rose Royce and Toffee Fairy, were both nude and rather mundane in the pan but Think Pink is a vibrant strawberry pink. I think this would look beautiful on many skin tones depending on how much you apply and it's perfect for a bold statement cheek in the summer.

If you read my other reviews on Catrice products, you'll know that they're one of the best drugstore European brands that have sturdy packaging and good quality product. These blushes come in Shu Uemura-esque acrylic compacts that feel sturdy and cost only about $6. You get 5 grams of product which is more than a Nars blush so they're not skimping on quantity either.

One swipe and bam! No fuss here with getting this blush to show up! You can see the swatch is so smooth that it nearly looks creamy on my finger. Think Pink is completely matte and I prefer that finish for such an in your face kind of color. I would use a light hand and build up the color slowly or dip your brush in and tap off the excess. These blushes aren't powdery and don't deposit too much color as long as you aren't using a very dense brush.

What do you think of Think Pink? Any dupes in your collection that look like this shade?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Gel Mask Face Off: Nature Republic The First VS. The Face Shop Vita B

Hydrogel masks are essentially amped up paper sheet masks that are becoming more and more common across top Asian beauty brands. Hydrogel masks have a thicker mask material that feels like jelly going on and can be considered a premium skincare addition given that they are priced at about $5 whereas regular paper masks usually cost $1-$2 a piece. I tested out the Nature Republic The First Fermentation Hydrogel Mask and The Face Shop's Vita B Hydrogel Mask Sheet to see if they lived up to the hype. 

Both of these masks come in a two piece set up which I personally like because it helps the mask fit better. Pictured above is The Face Shop's version and the one I am wearing in the first picture is Nature Republic. You can't really see the difference in fit but I personally liked the fit of Nature Republic's mask slightly more. The Face Shop's mask had really big holes for the eyes so my under eye area was not covered. 

The mask is actually not a true gel but some kind of plastic covered in a thick gel like product which is not the essence. Above is how the mask looks after it's been dried and you can see the network of weaved plastic strands. There doesn't seem to be a front or back for the mask because both sides are initially jelly like when you remove them from the packaging. 

The First is Nature Republic's dupe for the famed SKII line as it contains fermented yeast. I was very excited to try out this mask because I love the IOPE Bio Essence which is another dupe for the SKII Facial Treatment Essence. The packaging has a clean, modern aesthetic and the foil packet has a matte finish. The claims are simple and merely state that the mask has a whitening and moisturizing effect.

The mask has a faint scent that is a bit stronger than The Face Shop's but I find both quite pleasant. This mask was more jelly like compared to the other and had way more essence. Even after 30 minutes of masking, the sheet was still damp! I also had excess serum in the packet that I could slather on my face after I was done with the gel mask. The serum of this mask leaves a very sticky feeling on the skin which was a bit annoying. I would suggest using the mask and saving the excess serum for another application the following evening. My skin looked brighter and more even after using this mask and I was pleased with the result. There was a noticeable difference in the tone of my skin and think this would be a nice weekly perk to refresh dull skin.

As for the Vita B Hydrogel Mask from The Face Shop, I was less impressed. Even though both sheet masks contain 25 grams of serum, I found this mask was a lot more dry and the hydrogel material held less serum. There also seemed to be less serum leftover in the packet after I finished using the mask. This mask is meant to hydrate the skin but within 15 minutes the mask already seemed dry. I felt like there was no essence on my skin after I applied the mask and it did not have any effect.

Between the two, the Nature Republic The First Fermentation Hydrogel Mask definitely beats The Face Shop's Vita B Hydrogel Mask. I simply could not see any difference in my skin after using the Vita B mask and both masks are the same price at $5. While my skin looked brighter after the Nature Republic mask and the gel texture is quite interesting, I'm not sure these masks are worth the price. I get great results from Silk Whitia and Leaders Insolution which are only about $2 a piece. 

Have you used gel texture sheet masks before? What do you think of them?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Etude House Color Pop Shine Tint in Sunny Pop: "Rorange" Pout

Lip tints are one of my favorite products which you might well know since I keep going on and on about them. The Etude House Color Pop range has been out for awhile and this is akin to one of the South Korean versions of the YSL Glossy Stains. I have the Color Pop Shine Tint in Sunny Pop, a neon orange shade that looks rather red once on the lips. 

As usual, the packaging is extremely detailed and cute for a relatively inexpensive product. The small tube contains 7 grams (.24 ounces) of product and retails for about $7 in Korea. I bought this in Malaysia from an Etude House free standing store for about $10 and you can find this for about $11 (shipping included) on Amazon. There are ten shades to choose from but many look quite similar. There are five warm toned, orangey red shades and five cool toned baby pinks. The product has a fruity scent to it that I find quite pleasant.

I am very happy with the pigmentation and look of Sunny Pop. While I expected a neon orange, I got more of a bright light red shade instead. The formula is very light and comfortable to wear. The cushy sponge tip applicator applies the product easily so you get an even layer of product. Building up the layers will yield a more opaque and shiny look. I don't think the shine of these is as strong as the L'Oreal Caresse Stains but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. After three hours of wear and a Chipotle burrito bowl lunch, the stain had all but faded to a slight red tint on my lips. There was still a hint of color but the shine was clearly gone and the color vanished as well.

What do you think of glossy lip tints? I personally love this new type of lip product because it's more comfortable than a liquid lipstick but has the same shine and pigment. The Etude House Color Pop Shine formula is solid and definitely a good buy if you're looking to add some color to your collection!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

March 2014 Empties (& Purgings)

Not a whole lot of empties this past month but quite a few lip products I've finally decided to purge from my collection after months of trying to make them work and getting nowhere. 

I finished up the Shiseido White Lucent Total Brightening Serum* and I was so sad to see this go. I truly enjoyed using this serum and now that I've switched to an even pricier Shiseido serum, it simply isn't as good for fading dark spots. I also love the Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo which I have finished multiple times. I tried to make this travel size last as long as possibly but it goes fast when I use it a few times a week! The Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel is fun to use and the scent is very nice but I probably won't repurchase since I prefer bar soap. The Malin+Goetz Neroli Hand and Body Lotion sample was too light in texture to really moisturize my skin so that was underwhelming. I recently reviewed the Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask and highly recommend it for combination oily skinned people! I would repurchase this in the future for sure.

Surprise, surprise! I finished up a few makeup products this month. Well, sort of. I hit pan on the Physician's Formula Gel Liner in Black (it comes in a trio) and I've had this for so many years that it's pretty dry so I figure it's time to move on. Another tube of Maybelline's The Falsies Flared Waterproof bites the dust. I love Maybelline waterproof mascaras as you've probably heard (or read) a million times so it's no surprise that they creep into my empties. I just picked up a new BeautyBlender at IMATS so I figured it would be a good time to toss my super old one. As you can see it's not a vibrant hot pink anymore and there are quite a few dent marks that are a result of being impatient when cleansing the sponge.

I couldn't wait to use up the L'Oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Hair Mask because it was quite awful in that it didn't make my hair very smooth or soft at all. I finished the mini Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose which was the Sephora birthday gift from 2012. I love the Fresh lip treatments but they're so pricey! When I have a stable income, I'll probably indulge in a few shades because they're one of the best lip products I've tried. I rutted through my stash and found that the Alima Pure Lipbalm in Rhubarb looked quite gross so it's time to bin it. I've had the Nars Lipgloss Duo in Dolce Vita and Striptease for years and although I like Dolce Vita a lot, it's probably past it's shelf life.

I feel quite proud of myself for finally letting go of six lippies I've had been disliking and debating on getting rid of for months, if not years. Simply put, the colors either clash with my skintone and lip color or the formula is not to my liking. Watch the video below to see what shades I'm giving to my friends along with some rudimentary swatches!

I want to conclude this already lengthy post with a mini update on my personal life. Whenever more than three days goes by without a blogpost going live, I am racked with guilt over neglecting this blog. It might sound corny or dramatic but this blog truly is a project I care about deeply because I've written for so many years on it and shared my thoughts with so many great readers. The past few weeks have been very hectic and lately I've even been hard pressed to have time to update my Instagram. Graduation is right around the corner which has been a long time coming and the pressure to find a job is very real at this point. Searching for my next venture is taking up a lot of my free time as is spending more time with my family and friends so that is my reason for not blogging as much as I would like to. My goal is to post ever other day or every third day and I have a lot of ideas for reviews so hopefully I can get back on my game! Thanks so much for reading and hope you guys stick around for awhile!