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Putting Myself on a Beauty No-Buy and Evaluating My Spending Habits

Since I last posted back in November, so much has changed. I can't even attribute my lack of posting to all the things going on in the world because my motivation to blog was waning long before 2020 took a turn for the worse. But when my domain came up for renewal earlier this summer, I just couldn't let this site fade away. I still post regularly on Instagram and engage with other beauty enthusiasts there but the likes-for-validation environment stresses me out. With a blog, there's less of that pressure to perform and my posts are more searchable if people want to read a review or compare swatches before buying something. If you're reading this now, I hope you're doing OK and thanks for stopping by. Getting to the heart of today's topic, I wanted to talk about my decision to put myself on a beauty no-buy for the month of August. I might extend this to include September as well because I think I have enough back-ups of my essentials to last me well into the fa…

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