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"Short Hair, Don't Care" and Thoughts About Hair

Yesterday I finally got around to dragging myself to get a much needed haircut and now my hair is the shortest it's probably ever been. It's summer and sweltering so it's nice not having so much hair that I constantly need to tie and get out of my face. Also, it makes shampoo'ing and conditioning so much faster. I've already gotten a bunch of comments on my hair and I'm fairly certain I already know what the reactions will be tomorrow when I'm back in the office. I have some thoughts I'd like to share and I'm curious what you guys think.

Every few years I go for a pretty big cut for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's out of necessity because my hair needs to reset but sometimes I'm just bored with my look and I need a change. I'm generally not fussy with my hair. I don't think I've ever gotten a "bad" haircut, not because my hair looks great all the time (definitely not the case), but because I'm not faffed about…

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