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Books I Read When I Was In The Depths of Grief

When I thought about the pros and cons of getting back into blogging and sharing my thoughts online, it weighed on me that so much of social media is essentially a highlight reel of our lives. In many ways, I understand that social media is an outlet where we want to spread positive feelings. But it's also unrealistic to have a great day everyday and it is completely normal to come up on hardships and sadness and allow ourselves time to bask in those negative emotions until we feel ready to be OK again. I want to allow myself to be a little more vulnerable in this space in the hopes that perhaps it will help someone out there that has faced or is facing similar hardships.

Nearly two and a half years ago my dad passed away after a grueling year-long struggle with lung cancer. Over the year that he was ill and many months after he was gone, I wrestled with how to process my grief as an only child and as a relatively private person. I didn't know any close friends who also lost …

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