Hitting Pan(!) and a NOTD

I finally did it guys.... I hit pan on a makeup product!! I think the closest thing related to makeup that I've finished was a lip balm... Nivea's Kiss of Moisture to be exact. I did enjoy that lip balm but Soft Lips' SPF wins me over and gives a nice minty sensation. I was close to finishing a Soft Lips but I accidentally twisted the product the wrong way and smushed the product into the cap >.<. I threw that one out because it was a mess but I'm almost done with the one I have now! But that's more of an essential so I guess that doesn't count.

See that pan!? This is the third color of my Revlon Cream Shadow in Skinlights which I reviewed HERE. It's a great shimmery champagne color, perfect for everyday makeup looks. I've had this for a year and a half and a month or two ago I realized that I needed to use this up because cream, liquid types of makeup expire much faster than powdered products. Not wanting to throw money into the trash, I put this on my vanity for easy access in hopes of using this more. I still have a lot of product to go but I think I can finish the whole pan by November (hopefully). Unfortunately I have three other colors to use up and the first and last colors are a little bit more difficult as the first is a matte skin color which I have little use for since these are pretty much only great as color bases and the last is a darker shade....

Nonetheless I hope I can show you guys more pans soon!! I feel accomplished and a little better that I am using up some of my collection... one step at a time.... I'm thinking of doing a Project 10 Pan in the future. Perhaps when the 2011 starts and my birthday and Christmas are out of the way :)

I also wanted to show you guys what I'm wearing on my nails! I haven't painted my nails in awhile... for a few weeks I suppose. I used to paint them a different color every week a few years ago. I don't have as much time anymore and my collection of nail polishes is small so I can only rotate a few colors.

I'm wearing Salley Hansen's Mystic Lilac which I picked up as part of my haul that you can see HERE. This is a limited edition shade but you can probably find it at your local drugstores now! This one is a lilac base with green shimmers in it. I really enjoy Salley Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes as they're usually opaque and smooth after three coats. The first coat usually goes on sheer but they are really buildable! I now have five out of their many shades and hope they come out with more interesting limited edition colors ^^ These also wear well and do not chip within the first few days. My favorites are Gunmetal and Blue It which are part of their regular line so I highly recommend those!

Thanks for reading and hope everyone's doing well :D School's been pretty busy lately and the next two weeks are going to be extremely hectic :/ I plan on doing a September favorites next but I haven't planned my posts after that :(


  1. Revlon Creme Shadows are so easy to hit pan! I feel so proud when I finish/hit pan on a product.

    And lovely nail color! Such a pretty (green/gold?) iridescence! :)

  2. I hit pan on a Revlon creme shadows quad too =) Not Just Nudes

  3. I have yet to hit the pan with any of my eyeshadows. lol.

  4. Maggie: Yeah, I think cream products are a bit easier to use up but I have so many eyeshadow bases that I can't seem to finish them :/ I think most makeup junkies like ourselves feel accomplished when we hit pan or finish up something haha. It is a pretty nail color but I wish it was a little more opaque.

    Yuki: Great to hear that :) How many shades did you hit pan on?

    Wuhuimei: Lol, its ok, I have sooo many eyeshadows... some of which I've swatched once and never touched again >.<


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