A Little Introduction :)

So about a little more than a year and a half ago, I wore my first smidgen of makeup and I fell in love. It was for a dance performance and a good friend applied some eye shadow and eyeliner for me because I had never done so myself. Something about it caught onto me and I decided to do some investigating. So in this way, I stumbled upon Blogger and all the great girls who write reviews, show swatches, and make tutorials. Shortly after my newfound hobby, I ran to my nearest CVS and purchased my first eyeliner, the Maybelline Line Stylist (which was horrible), and my journey began.

Since then, I’ve polished up my skills and my collection has grown to be something I am happy with (although it will continue to grow!!). I wholeheartedly enjoy talking about makeup and recommending what I believe are good products. I also enjoy photography so my blog will be filled with pictures and swatches! For the past few months, this hobby has been becoming an obsession and I can barely go a week without buying some type of makeup or beauty product…. Of course they’re mostly drugstore products and my blog will focus heavily on drugstore products. But at times I like to splurge if I’m paying for quality.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while but kept delaying it due to an assortment of excuses but mostly laziness. I hope to update frequently with reviews, tutorials, coupons and deals, tags, fashion posts, and the like. I’m excited to meet other beauty enthusiasts and look forward to befriending you guys. Thanks for visiting my blog and stay tuned for updates! If you have any comments, requests, questions, etc. please leave a comment or email me at angelicbb12@gmail.com.


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