Treats on the Dollar Menu

 I made an ELF order with my cousin a few weeks ago and I noticed they had new colored eyeliners in their $1 line. Being that they were new there were many swatches or reviews to go by so I took a chance and ordered three colors in Twinkle Teal, Plum Passion, and Boldly Bronze. If they were absolutely horrible, all I had to lose was $3 right?

Well, soon enough they arrived and after a quick swatch test these did not disappoint! All three pencils delivered good pigmentation and glided across my skin easily. The colors are vibrant and true to how they appear in the pencil. They were soft but not too soft that they broke or crumbled.  The caps are clear with a nifty and useful built-in sharpener. Not the most chic packaging but you can’t be picky for a buck. Unfortunately the lasting power is not very good. They are easily smudge-able and I would probably not use these on my upper lash line like a regular liner. Instead, I use them on my lower lash line for a pop of color and make sure to set them with a powder eye shadow of the same color.

Out of the three I have only used Plum Passion on my eyes in the aforementioned way in my introduction picture! It’s not a great example as the picture is very small :/ . I set the liner with a purple shadow by Urban Decay and after about 10 hours of wear the colors were definitely not as vibrant as when I left my house. But I could still see traces of purple along my lash line so I'm satisfied.

For what you’re paying I think the eye liner is a great deal, especially if you don’t wear color very often and you want a cheapie way to experiment. There are nine colors on the ELF website here: The next time I make an ELF order I may try out Grassy Green and Gunmetal. There are a few lighter shades, like Iconic Ivory, which may be useful in highlighting the inner tear ducts.

Have you tried these yourself? Love ‘em? Hate ‘em? You tell me!


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