A Typical EOTD Without The Eye....

So I was planning to do a simple tutorial on an eye look that I would hypothetically wear for a day of school or a day when I don't feel like being creative but still want to wear makeup. Unfortunately I poked my right upper eyelid with a mascara wand or something along those lines and my lid is irritated. So I am skipping the eye makeup for a few days until that heals up :(.

Nonetheless I thought I'd show you an example of how my eye routine would consist of on a lazy day and give a quick review on some trusted products. Some of these are in no way my favorite products (specifically the eye shadows) but they are very easy to pull off and they don't take my time or skill to work with. 

Here we have all the products I need to generate a quick bright eye look in about five minutes. In order of application....

Urban Decay Primer Potion is a staple in most makeup collections and I definitely can see why. It is the perfect nude base to keep my oily lids under control and my eyeshadow put throughout a long, sweaty day. I have the XL bottle I got from last year's Hall of Fame set. Despite the steep price it'll last you a longggg time and it is worth the investment. I still have a ton of product left and I'm sure it will dry up before I finish all of it :/.

As an everyday eye base for neutral looks I'll use the third champagne colored shade from my Revlon Skinlights Illuminance Creme Shadow which I reviewed in the previous post. It helps make my powder eyeshadows pop more and gives a shimmery base to them. I apply this shade all over the lid and blend it out very well until I have a thin, even base that doesn't go past the crease.

NYX Sahara (in Sahara/Suede/Chocolate trio), Wet n' Wild Vanity Palette (second matte shade and third shimmery shade)
Next, I'll use the first color in my NYX trio in Sahara, Suede, and Chocolate. This was one of my first eyeshadow palettes and it has gotten quite a lot of use. The colors are quite pigmented but the shadows are a little too powdery to my liking. Dipping a dense flat shader brush into the shadow, I pack it onto the inner third of my lid, into the inner corner and sheer it out over the rest of my lid over the shimmery base. I am a big fan of putting light colored champagne shadows on my inner lid and I want to branch out and try some new techniques :X This shadow is really a no brainer and although it leans a bit to the yellow side it is still pretty neutral and wearable.

I usually use around three to four shadows for a normal eye look and I like to mix a combination of shimmer and matte colors. Using the medium matte tan shade in the Wet n' Wild Vanity Palette, which has been reviewed and raved about incessantly on blogs and youtube, I blend out the champagne color in the crease area. I was a bit reluctant to show this product just because it is so common and a bit overdone. I do think the pigmentation is superb and I will recommend it. But I do think the shadows lean a bit too much to the yellow side. I like my shimmery champagnes to lean to the pink side more :) Finally I take the shimmery brown color, my favorite out of the six, and blend it in circular motions in the outer third of my lid, sweeping it gently into the crease. This eyeshadow technique of inner corner and lid, crease, and outer corner really is fail proof and 8/10 times I wear eyeshadow, it is in this way. Like I said, I want to branch out and explore different techniques and options.

To finish off the look, I apply a brown cream eyeliner from the Physician's Formula Cream Liners for Brown Eyes. I love the consistency of these liners as they are smooth and well pigmented. The liner does not dry up and become hard to remove on my brushes like the Wet n Wild Gel Liners that many people love but I enjoy my Physician's Formula ones better. Brown liners can make your eyes defined yet soft and not as harsh as black liner. If I want my eyes to stand out more I'd opt for black but for a neutral look I'd go with brown. I only like my top lash line with this as I don't like to tight line. I sometimes line the outer half of my lower lash line with brown pencil (or any other colored eyeliner pencil) but if I'm pressed for time I leave my lower lash line alone. When I line my entire lower lash line with black liner I feel like I close up my eyes and make myself much older. Lining only the top lash line and winging out the ends give off a youthful look.

Lastly, I curl my lashes very well and apply the current tube of mascara I'm working on. I only use one or two mascaras at a time since they expire so quickly and I can't finish them all in 3-6 months. I've been using Lancome's Definicils Mascara for the past few months and I've enjoyed it. It does a good job of lengthening and separating but not much for volume. It works great on my lower lash line and I find the brush to be very easy to use. I received two sample tubes of this and I'm about to throw the second one away in about a month or so. I'm not keen on spending money on high end mascaras so I probably wouldn't repurchase. I have a long line of mascaras I've bought that I haven't opened yet (as you'll see in my haul post ^^).

I hope everyone found this post helpful despite the lack of actual eye pictures. It's a pretty basic look that everyone's probably seen before and I mentioned pretty common and easy to find products. Also, it's difficult to take pictures and show the colors accurately :( My camera likes to wash out the colors of my eyeshadows when they're on my eyes.... I hope to get that problem resolved soon so I can post up real EOTDS!


  1. A bunch of people were raving about it and I love my neutrals so I HAD to get it too! I found it for $2 because the Rite Aid people labeled it with the wrong sticker :)

    How do you wear the colors in the palette Yuki?


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