Dolly-Eyed FOTD and Products I'm Using Up!

The last FOTD I have a picture of is from October the 11th.... Wow, time flew by this month. You can't see my eyes that well unfortunately but I'm wearing falsies and the eyeshadows from Maybelline's Best in Brown which I reviewed HERE.

 My face was really plain because my eyes were pretty much the main focus. I believe I just contoured my face with E.L.F's blush and bronzer duo and highlighted my face with E.L.F's Gotta Glow blush.

 I have Nars' lipgloss in Striptease on my lips which just me a semi-nude color with just a bit of shine. This is the other side of the duo which is Dolce Vita. These glosses look so good on their own and stay for a considerable amount of time since they are tackier than most lipglosses :)

Heh, I like making silly faces at the camera :) I haven't worn falsies since prom which was in June so putting on a new pair that day was a bit of an issue :( I don't wear falsies often because they take a bit of time for me and after many hours of wearing them my eyes get tired. 

I used the Shisem lashes in SF which I tried for the first time because normally I wear criss cross styled ones. I had to cut the lashes a bit so they'd fit my eyes better. I get my lashes at Venus Beauty Supply in Flushing for $3 a box. If you live in the New York City area you might want to check that place out :) They sell some NYX stuff as well as a bunch of drugstore and some Korean sheet masks and stuff ^^ Their prices are reasonable and comparable to other retailers online. 

Anyways I recently finished my sample of the Smashbox Photofinish Eyelid Primer that I picked up at the end of November last year. I don't use this everyday as I prefer Urban Decay Primer Potion over this one. This primer is skintone color for me and is thicker than the Urban Decay's primer. This had quite a lot of product in it for a sample and I got a good number of uses out of this. I brought this with me on trips and occasionally rotated my primers in hopes of finishing this one. By the end of its use it had dried up considerably and was more like a paste but it still did the job. Overall I will not repurchase this as I have a ton of other primers to use up and the container for this is annoying because the wand can't reach all the product. I had to bend the wand so I could scrape the sides.

My Softlips is almost gone. I took this picture a week ago and I have less in the tube than shown in the picture above. I LOVE Softlips. I had almost finished another tube prior to this one but I accidentally smushed that one and just trashed it. So I guess I've finished one and a half tubes of Softlips :/ I have two more backups of this though so not to worry :D This is my favorite lipbalm so far and its definitely a must have in my purse.

On the other hand, this is my least favorite lipbalm to date. Everyone raves about Carmex so I thought I'd try this out since it has SPF. I got this a few months ago and the first time I used it I noticed the horrible smell it has. It has a really medicated, sweet smell that just puts me off. It's a lot thicker than Softlips and leaves a noticeable film on my lips. It does nothing to my lips but irritate them. My lips get very red and itchy after applying this. I think I'm allergic to something in it. I've tried on several occasions to use this but to no avail. I gave this to my mom last week in hopes that it will work for her. 

I've finished another bottle of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. These are great to carry in your purse. But I find that after awhile they become kinda thick in consistency 0_0 Not sure why but my hands don't feel as clean *shrug*. After you use these up, they're great to reuse as you can put shampoo, conditioner, or whatever else you need for a trip!

I have quite severe dry skin in the fall and winter so my doctor told me to use Eucerin. I got this bottle sometime at the beginning of the year I think and I try to use this everyday after my shower. In the beginning I was super lazy and didn't use this everyday and my skin suffered as a result. My skin gets so dry in the cold months that I develop scabs all over my back and legs :( Not pretty at all. It's quite scary to be honest. Lately I've been very determined to prevent myself from suffering the same fate this year. I'm scraping the sides of this bottle and contemplating if I should cut it open. I have another bottle as a backup :) I also used up my sample of Eucerin's Face lotion which I talked about in my Everyday Face Routine HERE. I will not repurchase that as it left my face feeling a tad sticky.

I'm almost out of my daily conditioner which is Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle. I purchased this when I was on vacation in Florida this past summer as I didn't pack enough conditioner and remembered some bloggers raving about this product. I really enjoy this conditioner and I think it did help my hair quite a bit :) I'd repurchase this sometime but my mom already bought some new conditioner from Dove.... My mom and I share shampoo and conditioner so that tends to get used up a bit quicker. This conditioner comes in a pretty small bottle so that would be the only con but I LOVE the dispenser. It's really unique and easy to use. You squeeze the tube and the product just dispenses from the bottom.

That post was quite comprehensive.... Hope you liked the mini reviews and tell me if you'd like to see more of these! I kind of liked writing them so I'll probably do more whenever I finish a bunch of products.


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