How I Remove Makeup && Random Pictures :)

Removing your makeup is so important when it comes to cleansing and I want to show you guys two awesome products I've been using for awhile now :) I've commented numerous times on other peoples' blogs about one or the other of these products but really, you guys should check them out!

First I use a dual phase eye makeup remover by Target's Up&Up brand. This is supposed to be the dupe to Neutrogena's highly raved makeup remover which I tried and loved. This bottle, however, is a larger size and it costs less at only $5 and change at your local Target :)! All I do is shake it up until the two liquids are mixed well and I tip some product onto a cotton ball and wipe away eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara with ease. I do notice that afterwards my eyelids can be a little dry after using this but its nothing a little moisturizer can't solve!

To follow up with the eye makeup remover, I use Up&Up's makeup remover towelettes which are also a dupe for Neutrogena's (which I've never tried). I'm almost done with my third pack of these which run for $3 and some change per pack. These are the only type of facial makeup remover I've tried and I do like them a lot as they smell nice, are nicely moistened, have a textured surface and remove all my makeup efficiently. After thoroughly wiping my face with one cloth, I splash my face with water and I'm all done with taking off my makeup! I plan to switch up my face makeup remover to a cleansing oil soon but I will probably repurchase these towelettes in the future :) They're great for traveling too!

Now for some random pictures I took on Friday before heading out to meet up with my boyfriend :) I guess you can count this as a FOTD. On my face I wore my usual routine and the E.L.F Sudio Blush and Bronzer duo. On my eyes I used the champagne color I hit pan on in my Revlon Skinlights quad as a base, a pinky champagne color from Revlon's Blushed Wines quad on the lid, the lightest shimmery white color in the inner tearducts, and the darkest plum color in the outer corner. I also added some of Mac's Tempting eyeshadow to my crease I think.... I lined the lower lashline with my E.L.F Boldly Bronze pencil which I'm really liking actually!

I just want to be honest and clear so that I don't get a bunch of questions about this but I do edit my pictures on Photoshop as some of you might have noticed. I do retouch my own pictures and clear up my skin as I do have quite a lot of acne spots and scars sometimes. I also have two tiny beauty marks or moles on the right side of my face next to my nose but I edited those out :/ I should start leaving them alone but I figured since I erased them before I might as well keep doing it haha. But no, I should appreciate my face more and set a good example, right? However, I don't edit my other features like my eyes, nose, lips, or face. The way you see them in the picture are how they look in real life! My features might still look different from real life simply because of the angle and lighting, and of course, the makeup.

A nice, normal picture facing the window so I can get some nice lighting :)

A silly picture! Just for fun :P~ My eyes are slightly uneven... but it's alright haha. Nothing I can do about it! In my childhood pictures it was really noticeable too haha.

A close up to give you a better idea of my makeup and my cute wing earrings from Forever21! The necklace I'm wearing was a 16th birthday present from a bunch of my good friends from Tiffany&Co. I wear it almost everyday because it matches with everything and adds just a tad of shine.

Yesterday I met up with one of my bestest gal pals and we went to take sticker pictures! Sticker pictures was a sort of past time for my friends and I during high school and I've accumulated quite a lot over the years.

I don't really go anymore since it's usually very crowded with younger kids in middle or high school but it's a cute activity to end the day with :)

I suck at decorating pictures though :( The newer machines print out in more vivid, holographic colors as you can see in some of the pictures with all my photos scattered on my table. But the older machine's pictures can be scanned and sent to your email and it costs $4 less haha. I hope my friend doesn't mind me posting up this picture of us :D She shouldn't, since she's so adorable in this :P!

Hope you guys had a good start to your week! It's all rainy, gray, and cold in the city :( Mondays always tire me out which means comfy clothing, glasses, and no makeup. Oh wells.


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