Loreal's Electrified VS. E.L.F's Day2Nite

These are some eye shadows I used in my previous face of the day and I noticed that there are some similar shades that you guys might want to know about!~ Loreal's shadow is called "Electrified" and it includes a beautiful metallic gold leaning taupe and a dark plum color. Both of these shades are so unique that it's difficult to explain. Like most Loreal HIP duos, these are super smooth and pigmented. They feel like high end shadows and for a drugstore brand they cost quite a bit at around $8-9. I got mine on discount for much much less and you can too :)

E.L.F's Day2Nite quad is merely a dollar and the shades all look great in the pan. Above I swatched the two colors that I thought were similar to the Loreal duo. As you can see the taupe color looks quite lovely while the darker plum is a bit patchy. Both colors are powdery which means you will get fallout and after you dip your brush in the shadow, there will be powder in the pan. With the Loreal duo, the eyeshadows are pressed really well and there is no fallout and no powder which I love. I prefer harder shadows like Maybelline and Loreal ones as opposed to Wet n Wild and Revlon shadows even though they are also pigmented.

Here are the colors swatched side by side so you can see the similarities and differences. The first color is from the E..L.F quad and the last is from Loreal's. I didn't want to be repetitive and label each color but I hope the order makes sense haha. As you can see the taupe shades are quite similar! However the Loreal shadows have a much nicer metallic finish to them that's hard to capture in pictures. The darker plum color in the E.L.F quad cannot compare to the beautiful shade in the Loreal so if you're more interested in a dupe for that, you're out of luck :(

All in all if you're looking for an exact dupe then this isn't it. The Loreal duo is a much better quality and the colors are super unique and perfect for fall! However it is a little pricey for drugstore makeup and I'd advise you to wait for a good deal! As I stated in my previous post, I have four Loreal duos and I paid for $2.60 for each of them!! The E.L.F quad is still great for $1 and even less if you buy during a promotion. You also get two other colors which are quite pretty and under a good base you can make the shadows work for you. I'd recommend both eyeshadows but they aren't exact dupes for each other :)

I'll be doing reviews and swatches of all my Loreal duos and E.L.F quads in the future so look out for that! ^^ Hope you guys like these dupe posts~


  1. The two taupes look so similar! The plum shade in the L'Oreal duo is really pretty though.

    I really like L'Oreals HiP duos but I have way too many now! I'm trying to use them up, though some of them will be hard to use up since they're black, gold, pink, etc. (I'm not sure why I bought those colors in the first place...I guess I just thought they were really pretty at the time? Haha.)

  2. Sweet review! Those swatches are so pretty!! Fantastic fall colors.

  3. $2.60 is cheap! in canada l'oreal duos are still $7.99-$10 T_T

  4. Maggie: I have some in crazy colors too! I have one with two blues which I barely use :( But they were so pretty and it was on clearance for 99cents so I HAD to get it :)

    Cocoabee: They do retail for $7-9 in the US but I got mine for cheap when there were sales and coupons :) ALWAYS wait for deals and use coupons when at the drugstore!!


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