Maybelline Expertwear: Best in Brown (LE) && quick ramble

This is my latest expertwear eyeshadow from Maybelline which I just acquired two days ago and I'm IN LOVE :D This trio, Best in Brown, came out with the recent Fall Fashion Week 2010 collection along with two other trios, Charming Cobalt and Glamorous Grays. This one appealed to me the most as I love neutrals and browns and the browbone shade looked like an amazing light taupe shade.

This trio retails for $5.30 at Rite Aid but Maybelline cosmetics are 40% off this week and I had a $1 manufacturer's coupon. Looking at my receipt I just realized that the cashier made a mistake and took 50% off so I only paid $1.65 for this :) I love it when the employees make mistakes! The size of each of the shades is the same as the pans in the quads, 1.2 grams of each color, which is a decent amount.

Although I was most excited about the last shade, it was the least smooth out of the three but still pretty for an inner corner highlight. The first lid shade is GORGEOUS, smooth to an almost creamy texture, and pigmented. Same goes for the crease shade. This trio really surpassed my expectations as I haven't tried Maybelline's trios before. This is another winner in my book and I created the most subtle smokey eye with this palette the day I got it :) The swatch below is on bare skin so imagine how much more beautiful it would look with a primer or base!

I was going to review this one later since I'm going to include it in my collective haul post which should be up sometime next week (I'm going to be hauling some Physician's Formula and Revlon next week!) But I'm glad I tried this trio out right when I bought it since the 40% sale is still going on at Rite Aid. You guys should run over to your Rite Aid to see if they still have this trio left! Although the display was not there, I looked through all the rows of permanent shades to find this as I realized people put the limited edition shades with the regular line There are still some limited edition duos from the summer at my drugstore stashed with permanent items :) I know I do that sometimes if I find something I NEED TO HAVE but I want to wait for a sale.... I stash it somewhere discreet so nobody will find it if they're not looking =X I'm a sucker for limited edition things and I hope they release more collections like this in the future! :D

On a side note, my skin has been getting worse and worse for the past few weeks. I'm not sure if my skin has always been so thin or what but for the past few months I've noticed I have a lot of veins showing through my skin, specifically in the cheek area. :( I usually get bouts of acne due to what I believe are hormonal issues but it's been getting worse. The past 2-3 days my skin's been clearing up but I have a lot of scars left.... I laid off the makeup today and probably will let my skin breath for the next few days and see if it helps. *sigh*


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