Maybelline Expertwear: Earthly Glow

I've been swamped with school work and personal business lately so I'm not posting as often as usual :( I have an upcoming haul post that is getting pushed back to probably sometime next week! It'll be a bunch of drugstore stuffs as usual and some other random goodies. Sephora's Friends and Family sale is going on at the moment and I plan to place an order later tonight :) Are you guys ordering any goodies?

I thought I'd continue my reviews and raves on the Maybelline eyeshadows and today I'll be sharing the Limited Edition palette from the 2010 Salsa Sun summer collection. The quad is named Earthly Glow and contains eight beautiful shades.

The shades are all quite shimmery aside from the brown on the bottom row which is matte. Overall the palette contains a variety of warm toned shades perfect for the summer. You have shades appropriate for a highlight, lid, crease, and outer corner. Although the pans are quite small, each shade will last you awhile and for eyeshadow hoarders like myself, it'll probably take quite some time before I ever hit pan on any of these (assuming I ever do...).

In the top row you get a shimmery champagne color that makes a good highlight. There's an olive colored green shade that lacks a bit of pigmentation. I thought it was a unique color to put into the palette but the weak pigmentation makes it my least favorite of the bunch. The third color is a stunning true gold, perfect for the lid. The last is another favorite and it's a reddish brown shade with excellent pigmentation.

The first shade on the bottom row is a tan color with minimal shimmer, good for blending out colors. The second color is a great crease color as it's a milk chocolate matte. The third color might be the most unique gold I've ever encountered at the drugstore. It's a butter, pigmented gold shade with a tinge of green. GORGEOUS! The last color is a shimmery orange shade with good pigmentation :)

This palette retails for about $7-9 at your local drugstore, Target, Walmart, or where ever you buy Maybelline products. This is a limited edition palette so there were only a few in each store but you may be able to snag this up!~ Keep an eye out for this as I think it's a great value and there are some pretty interesting colors that are uncommon to the drugstore!


  1. I saw this at ULTA a few months ago, and I thought it looked gorgeous, but I heard the Maybelline 8-pan palettes were horrible quality. Regrets!

  2. I heard the 8 pan shadows weren't good either but I took a chance with this one :) I got this on discount so I only paid around $3-4 I believe. Hopefully they're improving the quality of their future palettes!!


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