Maybelline Expertwear: Enchanted Forest

Another Maybelline Expertwear review for you guys.... Are you getting bored of them? I still have quite a few to review! If you guys have any requests or suggestions for what you'd like to see just leave a comment! I've been busy myself but I always look forward to checking this blog for new followers, comments, questions, etc. So... let's get on with the review~

Enchanted Forest is a quad of lovely warm toned eye shadows, each buttery smooth and highly pigmented. I've read many positive reviews prior to buying this and I do love the colors and the quality. But to be honest, I don't reach for it much. This is not because of the shadows themselves but just because I have way too many shadows in my collection :(

Unlike the Chai Latte quad I reviewed HERE, this quad is made up of all shimmery colors and there are no mattes. The lid color is a shimmery dark beige color, the crease a shimmery olive green, the browbone a gorgeous shimmery bone, and the outer corner a velvety smooth chocolate brown. The color combination is pretty good and I think people can create a really easy look following these directions :) You can also use the green shade on the lid and blend the brown in the crease and outer corner for a different look. The browbone shade would look great in the tearduct and inner lids as well! I'd probably use that shade for that purpose instead of a browbone highlight since I don't like really shimmery highlights.

I really should use these shadows more as they are good quality and are really easy to pull off for those people who are not all about loud, crazy colors. I recommend you guys to check out this quad at your local drugstore where it retails for around $5-7 dollars at your local drugstore like all Maybelline Expertwear quads! :)


  1. I love the Maybelline reviews =)

  2. That's great to know Yuki :) I'll continue doing these posts then!


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