My Everyday Makeup Bag

I'm not posting as much as I would like simply because I haven't been able to find a lot of time to take a lot of pictures and edit them. I have been sticking to my no-buy for makeup and clothing so far.... I put myself on a two week ban and by tomorrow it'll be over :) I don't NEED anything really aside from some makeup remover for my face and I think I have enough makeup wipes to last me through the week. I plan on purchasing a bottle of cleansing oil to try and I can do a review on here!

Anyway, this post is about the bag I bring almost everywhere with me almost everyday which holds my essentials. I've only been carrying around this bag for the last... month? I never really carried my beauty or personal care items with me in a pouch like this but its so much easier. I got the bag for about $4 at the Victoria's Secret Outlet and it's a really cute pink quilted pouch ^^

I keep a ton of stuff in that tiny little purse and the three above are pretty basic necessities: eye drops for when my contacts get dry or when something irritates my eyes, hand sanitizer (this changes pretty often), a travel comb and mirror (I use both the comb and mirror a lot!).

Some of my friends think I'm a clean freak (which I don't think I am really) but I like to carry alcohol wipes with me. You never know when you might need them. Sometimes its just a quick way to disinfect my fingers if I don't have access to a sink or if I run out of hand sanitizer. I used to use them on my lips when I felt like I had a cold sore forming (I have really sensitive lips and I'm very prone to coldsores). But my doctor said that was bad and gave me Zovirax to treat my cold sores and its AMAZING. If you have cold sores I highly recommend this. If your lips are tingly and irritated this will soothe it instantly and can treat an already formed coldsore in a day or two. Unfortunately... it's $150 for a tube.... but I'm still under my parents' health care so I got this for $15 :)

In the summer I was paranoid about the sun so I put this mini bottle of body lotion with SPF in my bad all the time. I don't really have much use for this now since I wear a lot of layers though. I also have a hand lotion which is helpful when my hands are cracked and dry in the colder seasons :(

Perfume samples are usually in my purse because sometimes I get really sleepy and I need something to jolt me awake. I find that scents help me stay awake ^^ I'm not a big perfume fan and it takes me soooo long to use up even samples X_X These two are from Victoria's Secret. My favorite perfume is YSL's Parisienne which I have a sample of but I can't bear to use it :/ I plan on purchasing it... in the future... don't know when :(

Lastly, I have a few lip products in my bag but I only use my Softlips religiously. I rarely touch the other three simply because I don't wear lip products much and I don't really like to touch up my makeup when I'm outside. I put them in my purse to remind me to use them up but it's not really working.

Is it just me or is it really amusing to watch people do their makeup in public? I always see a woman putting on her makeup on a crowded public bus or subway and I think it's fascinating. It's not just mascara or something quick but they do their WHOLE makeup routine while the bus or train is moving. I like peering into their makeup bags and seeing what they have and I amuse myself when I know what they're using ^^ Personally I could never do that because I would never tote around so much makeup for fear that it would break. I don't think I could do my whole routine on a moving vehicle and I think it's really unsanitary anyway. Also, I kinda treat getting my face ready like a sort of calming ritual. It's like a few minutes of my day devoted to just me.... It's pretty relaxing if you ask me :) I'd rather go out with no makeup than apply it on public transportation ^^ How about you guys?


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