Recent Favorites // October 2010

Happy Halloween everyone! I'm not a big fan of Halloween because I never really dressed up or went trick-or-treating. The first and last time I actually dressed up was in kindergarten and I was a little witch :) My mom loves to bake and she uses every holiday as an excuse to decorate cakes, cupcakes and whatever baked good she's into at the moment. She made a bunch of Halloween cupcakes and aren't they cute? The cake underneath was brownie mMm!

Another month has flown by and that means another round of monthly favorites!

E.L.F Mineral Eyeshadow Primer - I've had this $3 primer in my stash for awhile but I never opened it because I have my Urban Decay Primer. But I figured I'd never open this if I waited to finish the other one and I was curious to see if this product would be comparable to the primer potion which is $18. Even though the texture is a little more oily and slick than its $18 cousin, it performs very well and I hardly notice a difference in my eyeshadow wear. I'm glad I got this and I highly suggest it to everyone :)

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Iced Mocha - I've had this in my stash for a few months as well and I've only swatched it once. But when the cooler months hit I like to do more smokey looks and this makes a perfect color base for my taupe shadows! I apply this over my regular eyeshadow primer and smooth it out over my lid like I do with my NYX pencil in Yogurt. This is a great way to make my eyes deeper and darker and for only $3!

Maybelline Trio in Best in Brown - I did a post about this trio HERE and I'm so glad I picked it up. Surprisingly my favorite colors are the lid and crease color and not the taupe shade I was most interested in when I saw this at the store. These colors are quite cool and very appropriate for fall and winter. The darkest shade is perfect for defining my crease, smudging out my liner, and defining my outer lower lashline!

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow in Nutty - This is an inexpensive, silvery-taupe lid color which looks great with the Maybelline trio shades. This shadow has been raved about so much throughout the blogosphere and youtube and not without reason :) It has a smooth texture with great color payoff. I wish it was a teensy bit darker but it's amazing nontheless.

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara - I've had this ever since it first hit the drugstore shelves but I only keep one or two mascaras open at once so I only got to open this recently. I love love love the brush on this mascara as the curved side fits perfectly against my curled lashes. This mascara separates and curls quite nicely and gives a bit of length and volume. It doesn't really excel at anything but it's easy to use and makes my lashes look defined and clump-free.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude - This is probably the most popular lippie from the Colorburst collection and it's the only one I have from the line. I'm not much of a lipstick person although I love looking at swatches and reviews. I tend to forget to wear products on my lips and I don't like to risk irritating my lips but this lipstick is super moisturizing and the color is great! I'm a fan of nude lips and natural colors and even more so if I'm sporting  heavier eye makeup than usual. I like to use a light layer of this to blank out my lips to prep them for a light pink gloss over the top :D

Bath and Body Works Shower Gel, Body Mist, and Triple Moisture Body Cream in Moonlight Path - I'm really picky with scents but this is HANDS DOWN my favorite scent from Bath and Body Works. It's so difficult to describe scents and I feel like smells are really personal but Moonlight Path is a sensuous, romantic smell. It's not really sweet or girly but it's feminine nontheless. I don't think B&BW products are all that great but I do love this particular scent. I have other shower gels and body lotions of other scents but I only bought them because they have those buy two get one free deals. I don't even like the other scents :( I have wayyyy too many lotions and shower gels that I need to use up so I can get myself some Lush goodies. I've never tried Lush but after watching hours of youtube videos and reading blog posts, I'm super excited to try some products from them! I'm making myself wait till December or January though :(

Shiseido Perfect Oil Cleansing Oil - I did a review on this HERE in my last post so get my full opinion on it there. Overall this is my current way to remove makeup and I find myself looking forward to going home after a long day of school to clean my face :) This makes my skin clean and refreshed without drying out my skin!

This is what I currently have on my nails, Rimmel's Steel Grey, which is one of my must-have polishes for the fall and winter :)

As November swings around, I am adamant on sticking to my no-buy. I'm thinking about making it a Project 10 Pan instead.... It'll give me more direction I think. I'm really hopeful that I can go a month (or more) without buying unnecessary things. I realize I have a lot of makeup, body and hair care products which I like a lot that I don't really need anything. I have a box full of unopened goodies as well which I'll do a post on soon. I also realized that planning what I wanted to buy and when I'd do it gave me more of a thrill than when I actually bought the things. I've lemmed for some products like Maybelline's Enchanted Forest for months and when there was finally a 40% off sale, I nabbed it but it's been sitting in my drawer for three months and the shadows have never ended up on my face. I need to take some time to appreciate what I have and not just simply fling my money and accumulate things that will eventually expire. I love seeing makeup collections and I totally understand that it's a hobby and it's what people love. I like spending my money on makeup, clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and all those nice things but for me, I can't possibly use up what I have at the moment so I'd rather not just keep purchasing more and not getting good use out of it.


  1. I love your mom's cupcakes! The decorations are so good ^^ I use the The Falsies too ^_^ I like it except I wish it volumized a little more...and if I don't apply it fast then it starts clumping on me xD

  2. Haha, my mom can get really creative with her baked goods :) I don't experience much clumping with the Falsies but I apply it in swift motions and I don't really go over my mascara after it's dried anyway. It's all in the technique I think ^^


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