Project 10 Pan - Round 1

Since I've already instituted a no-buy for all of November, I thought I might as well embark on my first Project 10 Pan :) I'm sure most of you guys know what Project 10 Pan is but in case you don't it's a term invented by the blogger lollipop26 for those of us who have makeup collections so large that we can't possibly love it all before the products expire. Basically you pick 10 products you want to use up and you are not allowed to buy makeup until the 10 said products are finished. Everyone has their own take on this project and I'll be listing out my rules later in this post ^^

These are my 10 products that I want to use up. I have a L'occitane hand cream which I've had for almost a year (I bought a trio and gave one away so I have another tube which I haven't opened yet), a L'oreal lipgloss in Soft Petal, an E.L.F luscious liquid lipstick in Baby Lips, a mini tube of Urban Decay's lipstick in Midnight Cowboy, an eyeshadow from The Face Shop (my first eyeshadow EVER!), a Wet n' Wild cream liner in Black, the Revlon Cream Shadows in Skinlights, a mini of Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in Zero, E.L.F's quad in Butternut and three perfume samples from Victoria Secret Pink which will count as one product.

For the purposes of my Project 10 Pan, here are the rules:

1. I am only allowed to buy makeup, skincare, haircare, and bodycare products only after I finish 10 items.
2. If I finish another item not in this list (like my eye makeup remover which I am almost finished with) I can include it toward my 10 products but I will use discretion when deciding what counts. This means that I might finish a bunch of other products not related to these but I'm aiming to finish these 10.
3. If I do not finish these products by December and I get giftcards to Sephora, Mac, or any other stores like that for my birthday and Christmas, I am allowed to spend that money.

Most of the products in this post were chosen because they are old, previously loved but now ignored, and/or because I will not repurchase them. Although there are some minis and samples like the lipstick and perfume I think they are still difficult to finish. The cream liner used to be my favorite but it got pushed to the back of my drawer when I started using Physician's Formula gel liners and the Wet n' Wild started to dry out. I mixed the product around and now it's creamy again but I want to get as much use out of it as I can before it dries up for good. I have other cream/gel liners that I can use after I finish it and I have a few I still want to try so I would not repurchase that again for awhile. The two lipglosses are very neutral and suitable for everyday but I ignore my lip products so I want to try and get rid of some. The Face Shop shadow was my first ever eyeshadow (along with another one in blue) and there is a slight dip in it only because I used to swatch it a lot for no apparent reason. It has little pigmentation and shows up as a bunch of shimmer so I figure I could use it as a light wash of color everyday. I like the two darker colors in the E.L.F quad a lot and the lightest shade is alright but I hate the peach color which has no color payoff. I have an uneven number of E.L.F quads at the moment so I want to get rid of this one just because I have slight organization OCD :) I have a ton of neutral shadows and I figured it'd be good to get rid of some.

So that was my long ramble! Good luck to me~ I really don't know how long it'll take me to complete this as some of the eyeshadows seem daunting but I'll try to be good and remind myself that I have too much stuff to be buying more :)


  1. That's interesting! I think I should do this little project too! lol It's like a good way to discipline yourself if you have a habit of always buying new stuff and never finishing the old stuff you own. haha
    Those palettes are so pretty! I love the colors of everything here. haha :)

  2. You should do P10P also! I love seeing other people trying it and what items they choose and it's nice to see them finish it! I tried to choose a lot of neutral colors and items I could use everyday but not repurchase :)

  3. haha okay, I think I will!! That's a good idea, using items you can use everyday. Very smart! :) Now I'm motivated to try this! haha :D

  4. GOOD LUCK! I might join you... ha ha I tried to use up my ELF Butternut quad this summer but it was a lot harder than I thought. I agree - I hate that peach color but I like everything else.

  5. ndoodles: You should join meeee! I'm slowly making some progress on the products :/ I'll be doing a followup post at the end of the month!


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