Recent Favorites // September 2010

So here it is... my first favorites post! :D At first I didn't think I would do monthly favorites since I don't try out so many products in a single month anyway but I thought it'd be more organized this way. I love reading other bloggers' monthly favorites and I hope mine are helpful too :)

So these are products that I acquired this month and really loved or just loved products from my collection that I've been using more lately or that are just staples that I'll talk about each month. I'll try not to repeat products month to month but I do use these products and love them for longer than a month.

ELF Studio Blush and Bronzer Palette: I've been using the bronzer in this duo almost every single day that I've worn makeup throughout September and I've barely made a dent in it. The bronzer is shimmery in the pan but on my face I don't notice much shimmer but instead, it gives my face a healthy, slightly contoured look. It's subtle but effective and for $3 I highly recommend this!

ELF Studio Blush in Gotta Glow: Even though this is listed as a blush it's actually a highlighter. I love how this imparts a luminous effect when I brush a tiny amount on the highest point of my cheekbones and along the bridge of my nose. It's a white cream color with gold flecks in it and although it is powdery and it can create a mess in the pan if you're not careful, it never looks cakey on the face. Use a light hand with this and sweep it where the light hits your face and you'll glow :)

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Pressed Powder Foundation: I've talked about this before in my Everyday Base Makeup HERE. My color is in Nude and it sets my tinted moisturizer very well. It make my face matte without drying it out or making it look flakey. I've heard a review that this is comparable to MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural but I don't have that to compare. Nonetheless I think this powder does the job well and highly reccomend it.

Benefit Erase Paste: This was also featured in my Everyday Base Makeup post and I really like how this brightens up my under eye area. The paste can be thick but a little goes a long way and considering I paid $10 for this in the Stay Don't Stray set from Sephora, this is a steal! The little pot can be annoying but the product is really effective :) It's necessary to blend this out very well as it is thick but it covers up very well.

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yogurt: I also did a post on this as a dupe for Benefit's RSVP HERE but this is great for a quick base as it's in pencil form. I like the ease of rubbing the smooth pencil along my eyelid and blending it out with my finger. It's a gorgeous color and it complements my neutral eyeshadows perfectly.

MAC Pigment in Gold Mode: This is a limited edition pigment but it's constantly being repromoted with collections. The small vial I have is from the Holiday 2008 pigment set which I got from the CCO. I also have the full size jar which is also from the CCO. You should be able to find this at your local CCO but it changes from store to store. I know one of the Holiday sets this year will have Gold Mode in it and I highly urge you to check it out :D Despite being called GOLD Mode, I find that it's not really a gold color at all but when you wipe it across your lid, it turns into a champagne-y color. It's super shimmery and there can be some fallout but I love the color of this pigment. It's not hard to use at all and you only need very very little product to achieve a look. I don't even know if I'll ever finish the little vial.... I just wanted to get the full size because its in the old, larger pigment jar and because its a limited edition shade >.<

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Pink Please: I did a swatch of this lipstick HERE and although I haven't worn this lipstick much, the formula is great and non-drying. The color is opaque and lightens my lip color just to the perfect pink. So many people rave about this lipstick and not without reason :)


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