Clinique's Moisture Surge: How Does It Fare Against Dry and Oily Skin?

Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief is described as a light gel that can be used under or over makeup and even as a mask. I received a sample jar of this during Macy's Spring GWP (gift with purchase) which is 15 ml. Although I've had it for many months I never really reached for this product as I have oily skin year round but my skin also gets dry and tight in the cold months. Last week I dug through my stash in hopes of finding something to soothe my skin and I want tell you guys how I feel about it :)

A full size in 50ml or 75ml can be purchased for $34 and $46.50 respectively at Clinique counters in Macys, Blooomingdales, Nordstrom, Sephora, and any other place that sells their products. The price is a little steep but it's not too bad considering the product will last you a long time.

The packaging is simple and sleek like all of Clinique's products but those of you who dislike dipping your fingers into tubs of product will find this disappointing. The product is a light pink gel which feels almost slippery to the touch. I dab only a bit of the product from the cap onto my finger and dot this along the drier areas of my face like under my eyes and around the corners of my mouth. Then I gently massage it in until the gel is absorbed. I use this as my night moisturizer after toning my face and it after it settles in it really does relieve the dryness of my skin. It does not feel oily or sticky at all despite the texture but rather refreshing and soothing. The texture feels like a kind of thick water once I spread the product out.

I have not tried this over my makeup as I do not touch up my makeup throughout the day anyway and don't really understand how this can look good over powder. I think this would work as a mask but I have not tried that yet either. 

I do enjoy this product for the fall and winter especially but not sure if I would repurchase this again once I run out. Although this claims to be for all skin types I think it would be especially helpful for those with combination skin. This isn't moisturizing enough for extremely dry skin and it probably won't help very oily skin either. Overall, I wold recommend you guys to check out the Clinique GWPs to see if they include this product and try it before you buy the full size ^^


  1. I love this moisturizer so much that I've repurchased it twice in 3 years. It's much better than the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.

  2. This moisturizer looks similar to H2O face Oasis Hydrating Treament! (except it's blue) That's what I use ;) I'm really tempted to try this one out just to see the comparison. The H2O treatment works REALLY well for my skin. My face feels so moisturized every time I use it. Now I'm curious about this! Very nice post! :)

  3. Ashley: It's great you found this and it works well for you :D

    SKL: Well, if the H2O works really well for your skin don't change something that's not broken... right? But I like changing up my skincare as well. I don't really have a fixed routine :(

  4. lol You're right, but it's so fun to experiment with other products! As long as it doesn't make me break out I'm good. lol But I'm also very picky at what I buy and always read the ingredients of the product. But for now, I am sticking with H2O :) I'm trying to stick with my routine, but it's a challenge, I totally understand lol


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