E.L.F Quads: Nymph Dreams

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving :) The past few days have been a blur for me but it was nice to see old friends and meet some new people as well. I went Black Friday shopping yesterday but didn't purchase anything (yay! sticking with my month long ban!) which explains my messed up sleep schedule and current headache. I haven't been hauling at all due to my Project 10 Pan and my month long ban targeted at clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. I do plan on making some exceptions and might buy some makeup in December just because it's the holidays and I have lots and lots of coupons though :) To be honest I've been stuck in a kind of rut because I don't have much inspiration to make new posts and I haven't worn makeup for many days of the week anyway :(

Anyways, I didn't want to go too long without posting so this will be my first post in my E.L.F quad series! This quad is Nymph Dreams and contains four shimmery shadows. There is a dark brown with gold shimmer, a teal, a bronze-gold, and a golden yellow. All four shades pack a punch and come out pretty pigmented although the shadows are powdery and therefore likely to cause fallout.

This will be a lovely color for the spring and summer and it is really easy to create a neutral look with a pop of color :) The swatches are out of order but it's pretty easy to see which is which shade. My favorite shades would have to be the last two in the quad and the swatch because they are so gorgeous and shimmery! I would highly recommend this palette because I think it's one of the better ones that E.L.F has to offer. It's only $1! I have yet to wear this on my eyes but I definitely will once the weather gets warmer :D


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