Makin' Me Blush :)

Most of my reviews and swatches to date have been of eyeshadows since they are my favorite beauty product to buy and collect. After countless posts on neutral eyeshadows I'm getting a bit tired of looking through my posts as well which is why this post will be a comparison of some of my favorite drugstore peach blushes :D

For the longest time my blush collection consisted of about three blushes simply because I rarely wore blush due to lack of time in the morning. My collection has since grown but it is still modest and most of the shades are really similar. These four are light to medium peach-y pink shades which are inexpensive and suitable for everyday use.

The E.L.F blushes are $3 each and even cheaper if you can snag them during a promotion. The Rimmel blush is available at your local drugstore for about $6 and I grabbed mine during a sale and used a coupon. Jane is a discontinued drugstore brand but you might find some at your local Rite Aid or Walgreens. Jane blushes cost around $4.

The above swatch was taken without flash and the shades are labeled at the bottom of the picture. There is currently only one color available for the E.L.F blusher and bronzer duo. Although the colors look quite similar in the pan, they are noticeably different when swatched.

Rimmel's Santa Rose has been called a dupe for the popular Nars' Orgasm but I'm not sure how accurate that statement is. The blush is super smooth and pigmented but not too dramatic so it is perfect for everyday wear. It is subtle and easy to build up to get the color you desire. I've been reaching for this blush the most this month. Jane's Blushing Earth Sheer was one of the first blushes I ever bought but sad to say it's one of the most neglected blushes. It is gorgeous, smooth, and the pigmentation is spectacular. However, it is super shimmery and makes my face look like a disco ball when applied as blush. This could work if you have flawless skin with small pores and if you are really fair. But for my oily, acne-prone skin I can only pull this off as a highlight in the cold months :(

For $3 the E.L.F blushes are fabulous :D The blush and bronzer duo is pigmented and after many, many uses there is barely a dip in the pan. The blush is not as smooth or finely milled as the Rimmel or Jane blushes but it packs more color and has pretty golden flecks in it. Candid Coral looks really similar to the blush in the duo but it has a fine golden shimmer throughout the blush which makes it differ drastically on the skin. Tell me that isn't amazing :) All of the blushes were packed on twice and blended with my finger in case you were wondering :)

Hope you guys enjoy this blush post and go out and try these blushes if you haven't already!! Drugstore and low end brands are really giving high end brands a run for their money. Although I love splurging on high end cosmetics, many times there are inexpensive gems right at the local drugstore. If you own these already, tell me what you think in the comments ^^


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