Maybelline Expertwear: Emerald Smokes

Another review of the Maybelline Expertwear shadows and this time I will be showing you Emerald Smokes :D You may have seen this featured in one of my looks HERE. I believe I got this quad at the same time I got Charcoal Smokes for 40% off of the original price which varies between $6-7.

The lid color is a olive green while the crease is a mossy, true forest green. The browbone shade is a gorgeous off white color with yellow shimmer. I would say this is a very unique color, especially from the drugstore. The outer corner color is a dark dark brown, black with yellow sparkles. All four colors are pigmented, long lasting and great for blending. If you fancy yourself a green smokey eye for a few bucks, then this should be right up your alley! These colors would definitely POP underneath a colored or black base as well :) I enjoy all of the colors in this quad and all four colors are definitely usable in one look.However, unless you wear green eyeshadow on a daily basis this probably won't get much use in your collection compared to more neutral toned shades.

I feel like I have less and less to say about each of these eyeshadows after every review because I feel like a broken record. The bottom line is that all of the shadows I have reviewed so far as part of the Maybelline Expertwear line have been great. This is actually the last quad I have in my collection to review for you guys :( I'm debating if I should acquire more from the permanent line, more specifically Time for Wine, Designer Chocolates, and Sunlit Bronze. There are many mixed reviews on these three quads and I feel like I have many colors similar to them in my collection already.... But I like hoarding a ton of things from one collection to "complete" it. There is also a highly recommended trio called Bronze Glitz which I will probably pick up sooner or later after my makeup ban is lifted :) I'm sure Maybelline will come out with new and limited edition shadows so I'm hoping they have things up my alley in the near future!


  1. I got the Designer Chocolates and I think it's kind of a tricky quad since it has a red shade :\ the other 3 shades are neutral smoky brown colors but the burgundy red, while pretty in the pan, is a bit hard to work with IMHO. overall the pigmentation and blend nicely tho.

  2. I have this quad. I agree, the browbone shade is really special. I use it on my inner corner every day, and no other eyeshadow gives the same effect.

  3. InsideOutElle: That's good to know :) I'll probably be buying it in the future since the quality of the shadows is decent. I think the burgundy color would look pretty as a sheer wash over the center of the lid!

    Yuki: Ohh, I can kind of see it as a really pretty cheek highlight too ^^


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