My Backup Stash - Why Project 10 Pan Isn't So Bad!

As my makeup collection grew I realized that I couldn't use everything I bought at once so I left them in their packaging and kept them aside. When I see mascaras I want to try on discount I buy them and leave them unopened until my current mascara dries out. I have a huge obsession with signing up for freebies and samples. This habit got a bit out of control so I cut the top out of an empty tissue box (recycling!) and stuffed all the large-ish products into it and piled all my samples into a mini Sephora baggie.

In this way, I have a ton of shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment, lotion, and moisturizer samples to take with me when I go on a short trip and I have backups of a lot of essentials like eye primers and mascara. I use lip products really slowly so I set aside a few not to be opened till I'm finished with one that is opened already.

A few of the sample packets I've amassed over a pretty short period of time :) I sign up for a bunch of things online and samples usually take weeks or months to come so by then I'd forgotten that I had a sample coming. When I open my mailbox it's like a little present ^^

I also take out the sponge tip applicators in all of my palettes because I think they clutter up the packaging and it's a hassle when I'm in a hurry and I have to open the packaging slowly so the little applicator won't fly out. But I think they're pretty handy for un-pigmented shadows. I've been using these to apply the light pink The Face Shop eyeshadow featured in my Project 10 Pan. 

A few things I have in my backup stash are a tinted moisturizer/foundation , Mac's Gold Mode pigment (pretty sure it'll take me years to finish the small bottle so not sure why I got the full size...), ELF's shimmering facial whip (this was a free gift from ELF when I ordered from them), another L'Occitane hand cream, and a ton of mascaras, lipglosses, and eyelid primers. 

I think it's a good idea to buy things when they're super duper cheap when you've been waiting to try them and to just keep them aside. So when you go on a makeup buying ban you can always go to your little stash and "shop" from there :) You never know what great products you might discover~


  1. ehehe you have quite a hoard of sponge tips ^^

  2. I save all my sponge-tipped applicators too LOL I always thought I was weird for doing that, since I never use them.

  3. I save my sponge-tipped applicators too :P
    They're useful for matte eyeshadows apparently..

    I love doing Project 10 Pan with a twist tough. I'm so glad so many people are jumping on board with it! I'm not doing so well with my P10P's but atleast I'm trying :(

  4. InsideOut Elle: They totally show my love for eyeshadows >< Haha, I will try to use some of the sponge tips though!

    Yuki: I think they're good for less pigmented shadows all over the lid because they can pack on color quite well ^^

    Ashley: I actually prefer a light wash when I use matte colors to blend out shimmery ones. The only time I use a matte and want it to be pigmented is a dark color in the crease or outer corner :) Yes, at least you're trying! It's better to admit we have a problem hahaha

  5. that's so smart to take out the eyeshadow applicators! never thought of that. i should really do that lol. and i didnt even think bout how it could help out with the unpigmented eyeshadows. clever!!


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