Overnight Essentials~

A few weeks ago I went to visit my boyfriend who lives away at college so I want to show you guys what I brought with me :)

It was for only one night and technically less than 24 hours so I didn't need to pack a whole lot, just the essentials. If anything, I over packed on clothing but that's something I'll keep in mind for next time. I fit all my beauty, personal care items in a Lancome pouch from one of their Gift-with-Purchases.

Tada~ I have most of the usual things in my everyday makeup bag like tissues, eyedrops, and Softlips. I actually went on my mini trip right after school so I had a full face of makeup on so I needed to bring makeup removal stuff. I didn't bring any makeup with me since I thought it'd be overkill and I can go without it. Most people who live on campus tend to walk around in hoodies and don't really put a whole lot of effort into their appearance which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

This is why I have a whole stash of samples and minis! It's super convenient to travel with mini sizes and the bottles are cute~ The only thing that was full size was my Biore face wash which I use about 2-3 times a week to lightly exfoliate. I brought that instead of my usual St. Ive's Green Tea face wash (which I will not be repurchasing, it doesn't help my skin at all) because it has a flip top instead of a pump.

More samples!~ By accident I didn't realize the Dove samples were both the same conditioner -_- I just used my boyfriend's shampoo and body wash haha. The cotton rounds were for wiping away eye makeup with Lancome Bi-facil remover which I tried for the first time that day and I really like it :) It's pretty much the same thing as my Up&Up remover but the travel size is nice to go on trips. I've never tried Biore's makeup remover wipes so I thought this was a good occasion to try them out. They did wash away my face makeup but they slightly stung my face I think. To be honest I kind of forgot what they were like but I didn't like them as much as my Up&Up wipes. I didn't even use my Eucerin moisturizer because I was lazy >.<

I'm hoping to go on a little trip during Winter Break which is starts at the end of December and ends at the end of January with friends. I really hope we get to go somewhere as I'm so burnt out from school already. When that time comes I'll probably be packing more and I'll definitely do another post on what I bring then~ Next summer, which is the upcoming one (summer 2011), I'll be going on a two week vacation in July :D For that trip I'll definitely be packing quite a lot and I'm excited to do that post even though it's so far in the future ^^ What can I say, I like to plan ahead!


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