Physician's Formula Shimmer Strip Eyeshadows

I had been waiting to get the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeshadows for a pretty long time but never did since they retail for about $11-13 at drugstores. But a few weeks ago Rite Aid was running a BOGO on all Physician's Formula Shimmer Strip products so I jumped at the chance :D You saw these two palettes featured in my last haul post.

There are several variations of these palettes including "smokey", "bronzed", and "pop". There's also another version that is just "eye-color enhancing" and for each of these variations there are four eye colors: brown, hazel, green, and blue. I'm not really a fan of the eye color thing since I really don't care what they say I should buy so I picked up two palettes for hazel eyes. So in total there should be 16 variations on these eyeshadows which I think is pretty crazy :) Lots of shades to choose from!

The first one I got is from the Bronze Collection and it features a lot of neutral, warm colors. I'm a sucker for neutral shades and a lot of these shades look like they'd be great for all over the lid. You get nine shades in one palette and the packaging on these is quite nice. I appreciate the see-through packaging so I can quickly identify the colors and the plastic is heavy so it feels somewhat like glass. Here are swatches of this palette from top to bottom!

The palettes are designed so that every group of three colors would make an eye look. That's a nice suggestion but again you're free to mix and match.

Some of these shades can come off to be quite similar but I don't really mind. Also, as the name suggests all of these shades are SUPER shimmery. If you don't like shimmer, don't pick these up.

The pink shadow, which is second to last, has the most disappointing pigmentation and I needed to run my finger many times over it to get it to show up. Over a good base it might work....

The second palette I got was the one I was more excited to try out and it is for Smokey Hazel eyes. There are some beautiful purple toned taupes and a dark burgandy color :)

Excuse my bad lighting. The next two pictures were taken in different lighting >.< The shades in this palette disappointed me slightly as I felt they were very similar. The first three shades you see above aren't extremely pigmented but still decent.

Better lighting! Once again, shimmer overload. I wish the shadows were more buttery and creamy with more contrast between the colors. If you like cool shimmery shades you'd like this palette!

I think the last three colors are great though :) Better pigmentation than the others I'd say and the dark burgandy and black would look nice in the crease and outer corner. If you use these colors wet they show up a lot better and take on a metallic finish! I think these would apply better with a sponge tip applicator or wet. 
I have not used these palettes on my eyes yet (like a lot of my eyeshadows >.<) but I'd say they aren't worth the retail price. If you can score these for 40% off or BOGO like me it's a nice product to try out if you're into shimmers and you want a lot of shades. Some other palettes have more contrasting colors and with 16 available palettes you have a lot of options!


  1. hrm I do like shimmer and the last few colors but it's too bad the lighter ones are one not pigmented :( poo... I liked the palette's pretty


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