Progress with Project 10 Pan Round 1 - Update #1

Instead of doing a Monthly Favorites post I will update you guys on my Project 10 Pan since I've been using a handful of products consistently throughout the month in the hopes of finishing and tossing some items.

My Project 10 Pan has been going on for a little more than a month so far and I've been successful thus far at restraining myself from buying new makeup products. Unfortunately I've only really finished one product which is my Bath and Body Works Moonlight Path Body Lotion. Makeup is so difficult to finish even when I stick to the same few products everyday but I'm slowly working my way through my E.L.F Butternut quad.

There are a few skincare and miscellaneous products I'm running low on which I might add to my count of used up products. My samples of Clinique's moisturizers and Bare Minerals foundation are becoming products I use daily and I think I'll count them as half of a product :) The foundation is supposed to last ten uses but I guess I use really little because it's probably lasted me at least double that....

My eye makeup removers are also running low and I will count the two bottles I'm finishing up as one product as well ^^ I have a backup of my favorite Up&Up remover though so no need to buy any more! I'm not cheating!! I'm just making this project a little more accomplish-able :P

I have a feeling I will be breaking my ban in December to pick up some stuff from the drugstore just because I have coupons which will expire and I'm letting myself go a little since it is my birthday month ^^ I mentioned in my original Project 10 Pan post that I am allowed to purchase makeup with the giftcards I get for my birthday and Christmas as well :D

Doing Project 10 Pan is helping me save money but it's also renewed my interest in fashion. November has been my anti-shopping month but once December comes around I will be buying new clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories :D For the past few months my money has been spent mostly on makeup so my closet hasn't been updated as much. I'm currently revamping my closet, tossing and giving away clothes I no longer wear and replacing them with items I think I'll enjoy for a long time :) Project 10 Pan has also encouraged me to shop my stash and find items that are not loved as much as they should be. That doesn't mean I'm not tempted though :(

So I wrote most of the above a few days ago because I like to pre-write blog entries and save them as drafts until I decide it's time to post them. About that clothing ban... yesterday I was super tempted by a ton of Cyber Monday deals but resisted the majority of them. Then my boyfriend decides to order from Express and I'm helping him look for stuff. The coupon code was $40 off $150 but when he applied it, it took 50% off the total =O So I couldn't pass up the great deal and snagged a sweater and shirt for $35 total >.< I'm pretty sad I couldn't last the entire month but it was a good deal and I think I deserve it ^^ I'll show you guys what I got from Express and what damage I will be doing in the next few weeks really soon!


  1. Project 10 Pan updates are always so exciting (imo lol) Good luck! ^__^

    Wow that was such a good deal from express! So lucky :P I don't think any person could resist 50% off TOTAL!

  2. I think P10P updates are interesting too :D I'm going to be buying some stuff in December though but I'll try to be good and not spend too much :/


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