Revlon Satin Single Eyeshadows - Nude Slip and Polished Bronze

If you read this blog frequently you'll have noticed I love eyeshadows but neutrals especially! I have so many neutral shadows that look similar that it's kind of crazy >.< In general I'm not a huge fan of Revlon eyeshadows but they're decent. In their Colorstay quads the shades tend to be powdery and messy but after reading some good reviews on the Satin singles I decided to take a chance. These are pretty pricey at CVS, retailing at $5 and some cents. That's almost the price of one Maybelline quad at Rite Aid!! >.< I got both of these during deals (at separate occasions).

First I got Nude Slip which is a light pink champagne shade with gorgeous pigmentation. It's great as an all over lid color or even an outer lid color if you have very fair skin. These shadows are soft but not powdery and are a tad creamy when swatched unlike their Colorstay cousins.

Sorry for the difference in lighting but I  took these pictures on separate occasions since I picked up Nude Slip first. The one above is Polished Bronze and it's a yellow toned, light brown shade appropriate for the outer lid and crease. I honestly have not used this color on my eyes yet and although the shadow is pigmented and nicely textured, I prefer Nude Slip over this one.

I don't think these shadows worth the $5+ pricetag considering they ARE drugstore shadows and I think Maybelline and Wet n' Wild are much more wallet friendly. But if you happen to catch these on sale I think they're a good buy and you get a lot of product :) I do like Nude Slip a lot and recommend it to those who enjoy champagne pinks :D


  1. Pinkie champagne colors are so great and useful all over the lids! Thanks for the review.

  2. These have been catching my eye but I haven't tried them out yet cuz of the price, like you said, is pretty pricey for a drugstore single shadow >< Nude Slip is really pretty tho~

  3. such pretty swatches =) I think i own about every color, but ive never swatched/used them. thanks for inspiring me to! lol

  4. ndoodles: Those are one of my favorite colors :D
    InsideOut Elle: I think there are a lot of more affordable shades but these are nice and they give you a lot of product!
    Jenny: Yea you should use them!!


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