A Tutorial! Daytime Smokey Brown Eyes ;)

I finally managed to scrap together some time to take pictures and edit to show you guys a quick look that I've been replicating over and over recently :) For my first tutorial on this blog I wanted to show you guys something I actually wear which suits pretty much anyone's eye color and shape. The makeup I used is also super affordable and I think many people already have some of the products I used or very close substitutes or dupes. Let's get on with the tutorial!

These are all the products you need to create a super easy eye look for daytime! I also used a matte black shadow but forgot to add it to the picture.

First I do my face makeup but for the purposes of the tutorial (I was home the whole day and didn't want to put on an entire face of makeup for one tutorial) I just dabbed some under eye concealer. I primed my lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion to help my shadows last longer and adhere better to my skin. Also, I usually wear contacts and always when I wear makeup but for this tutorial I was too lazy and had to do this entire process pretty much blind :(

I applied a medium brown cream shadow onto my entire lid to make the powdered shadows apply better.

Pat the cream shadow with your fingers and blend up towards the browbone for a blended effect. Make sure you use a tiny amount because using too much will cause creasing.

This quad should probably look familiar if you follow my blog since it is part of my Project 10 Pan. I've been using it nearly everyday and it really is a nice product for $1.

Using a large shader brush, pack the color labeled 1 on the entire lid area. The brush I used is from EcoTools.

It doesn't have to be precise but try to stay below your crease or around that area.

Taking a fluffy blending brush, blend the lid color at the crease area until the color blends seamlessly with your skin. The brush I used is the Studio Tools Crease Brush and is $2 at Target :)

I then place the color labeled 2 in the quad on the area indicated by the dots using the crease brush. As you place the color in circular motions, blend the darker color with the lid shade. I find that with single eyelids or double lids with a small crease, adding a darker color close to the lashline helps make the eyes appear more round.

With a fluffy E.L.F $1 blending brush, I dusted the color labeled 1 on the inner corner of my eyes to brighten up the area. This doesn't have to be precise and the color can be brought up to the browbone as a highlight.

Taking an angled eyeliner brush by EcoTools, I apply the lid color to half of my lower lashline. This gives the illusion of bigger, rounder eyes.

I also brought some of the color into the outer crease to deepen the look. I also took some of the darker brown shade and added that to the outer third of my lower lashline to add depth.

Using black liner, line your eyes as you like. I rarely ever line my lower waterline or tightline because it's kinda freaky and I'm prone to eye infections. I usually use pencil or gel/cream liner :) For this tutorial I used Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in Zero.

When I use pencil liner I usually like to set it with eyeshadow so I used NYX's black eyeshadow, which is matte, and ran over the pencil line a few times with E.L.F's angled liner brush. Using the brush I also winged out my liner a bit at the end.

Taking the whatever was leftover on the liner brush, I smudged the black along the lower lashline for some more color.

Curl your lashes and apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes and you're DONE!~ To vamp up this look for nighttime just add some falsies and you're set! Isn't this easy? This is my current go-to look when I want to look polished in under a few minutes. I love palettes because they save time for daily makeup application ^^

Did you guys like my first tutorial? The colors are actually darker in real life but my camera can't pick it up so well :(

Any requests? More pictures, less pictures? Any comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome and encouraged! :D


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