CHOPPED! New Year, New Hair :D

I posted a while back asking for opinions on whether or not I should cut my hair. I've been wanting to cut my hair short since before the summer but I never got around to it. The past few days have been pretty stressful, filled with ups and downs... mostly downs. Despite the snow I just had to get out of the house today to do something, anything really. So I decided to get my hair chopped off!

See how damaged the ends of my hair were? I did like my long hair and it didn't always look damaged. That particular picture I took this morning made it look more damaged than it actually was. I really like short hair and I'm glad I did it. I wasn't really nervous or anything since it's just hair and it'll grow back soon enough. My hair is also pretty much one color now since I had dyed my hair in June and it was only visible in half of my hair.

I wore a super simple outfit today but it was comfortable and I actually really liked how it looked. I purchased the scarf last week when I was at Forever 21. The sweater was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend which is from Express. I actually picked out the sweater awhile back during Cyber Monday when the site glitched but my boyfriend paid for it and decided to make it part of my Christmas present because he didn't want me to pay him back. The black skinny jeans are from American Eagle and I wore Clarks knee high rain boots to trudge around the slush and snow.

Although I'm on my project 10 pan, I decided to go to The Face Shop because I've been wanting to try some new skincare. I have a lot of acne scars so I picked up the Post-Acne Nighttime Spot Treatment which I've heard good reviews on. I only have one Biore pore strip left so I also got the White Mud Nose Pack which I've also heard many good things about. I purchased a whitening mask and received a random mask for free. I asked about the membership card but you have to spend over $50 to receive it (I spent $25 in total) :( Maybe in a few months I'll go back and pick up $50 worth of stuff. I do have a few things I want to try like their cleansing oil but I'm trying to restrain myself from splurging too much on products I do not need as of now.

This isn't a huge haul.... I guess it's a mini one :) I will try out these products for awhile and update you guys on how I like them! I do have a lot of skincare items on my wishlist because I enjoy trying out new products and finding out what works best for me. I also know there's an Amore store nearby which I want to go to since I want to try out some Laneige products. But my poor wallet needs to recover first :( Any skincare products you guys have recently tried and enjoyed? Please share!! :D


  1. Your hair looks awesome!
    And I really like the scarf :)

  2. Your short hair looks great!
    Just go to the Chinese hair salons? How do you explain how to want your bangs cut?

    Hmm..I was able to get The Face Shop card without spending $50 dollars. But maybe it's different now since I got it when they first opened (the one in Manhattan) lol :P

  3. I really like your new haircut :) Short hair is always in style and it looks great! I'd love to try short hair one of these days... maybe if my hair was naturally straighter :)

    I love the Face Shop! They have one near me and I go there occasionally for skincare :D

  4. J: Thanks! I really like this scarf. I wish it was a bit thicker but I'll deal since it was only $6 :D

    Mandy: Yes, I do go to Chinese hair salons :) Well, I've been going to the same one since I was little... I pretty much never change. I bring a picture of what I want or I look through their magazines and just point at the hairstyle I like. I think pictures are the best way of letting them know. My Chinese isn't very good haha. It probably depends on which store you go to and which person you get at the checkout desk :(

    Rainy Days: Thankyou! What products do you recommend from The Face Shop? :)

  5. Lol Thanks! I'll need to look through those magazines the next time I get my haircut because even though I look for images online of how I want my hair I always manage to forget to bring/show it to them xD

  6. When I read, "CHOPPED" on my Blogger Dashboard, I just knew you made the big snip. It looks really good! I'm sure I've said this before but your fringe is perfect & I'm really jealous :(
    Doesn't it feel good to have that extra weight off your back?!

  7. The hair cut looks great :) you look really chic and more mature ^_^ ooo TFS, I will def be looking forward to those reviews~

  8. I've been using beautycode skincare series for 3years and it's really good ^___^

  9. awww your hair looks great. you can def pull off the short hairstyle....I cute here short before and it look terrible on me. haha....oh i wish we had a face shop in my local city but we dont. It sucks. lol!

  10. Ashley: My bangs don't always look nice :/ They usually look decent before I head out and by the time I come home, my hair looks like a mess!

    InsideOut Elle: Some people say I look younger and others say I'm more mature *shrug* I'll do reviews when I've had a chance to try out the products for a few weeks ^^

    Rin: Oh, I've never heard of Beautycode before 0_0

    I Hope: Aw, you can always order their stuff online if you really want to try them out :)


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