E.L.F Quads: Ethereal

I love my neutrals whether it be shimmery champagnes or light taupes, so of course I had to get E.L.F's $1 quad in Ethereal. While I do not care much for the shimmery stark white or orange shades, I do enjoy the other two pale shimmer shades.

The shimmery peachy pink and taupe shades are smooth and quite pigmented and make great neutral lid colors for everyday wear. They are the obvious favorites for me out of the palette and I can see myself reaching for these often if I'm in a hurry to get ready.

The above swatch is done dry with no base and the shimmery peachy pink shows up the best. The other two shades are decent but are just average shadows compared to some of the better E.L.F shadows. Over an eyeshadow primer and base, I have no trouble getting the colors in Ethereal to show up on my skin and to stay for the rest of the day. However, I wish there was a darker color included in this quad so that I could do a whole look with one quad. I have to mix the shades in Ethereal with other shadows to complete my eye look. I would recommend this quad because it is affordable and you get two usable colors which can create a simple natural eye.


  1. I have 3 E.L.F. Quads, including Ethereal but I find that once I use them enough, I find tiny bubblish bumps through the pan.. Do you get that as well?
    I'm not sure if it's trapped air and the shadows have hardened over it but it's like my quads have herpes!
    Other than the eyeshadow STD, Ethereal is great for daily eye makeup. I wore it consistantly until I got annoyed with the small pans.

  2. Haha, I like how you described it as an eyeshadow STD XD I do get the bumps in my Butternut quad which I use the most but I'm pretty sure it's a result of the pigments clumping together and not being of very high quality. Powdered makeup that is not finely milled tends to do this including some of E.L.F's blushes. The bubbles do not really bother me that much in general and they should be perfectly safe to use :)


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