E.L.F Quads: Nouveau Nuetrals

Continuing with my E.L.F $1 Quad series, I am going to review one products you should probably pass on unless you like chalky, powdery eyeshadows. This is Nouveau Neutrals which looks quite dull in the pan and whose color combination puzzles me. I am not sure of how one would wear this palette together since the sky blue matches with none of the other shades. 

It is very apparent when swatched on the fingers that these colors are not finely milled nor pigmented. Imagine you swept these on your eyelids with a brush! The light blue turns into a shimmery white with almost no pigmentation so I supposed it can be dusted under the brow or in the tearducts for a highlight. The green just doesn't look like it would bode well against my skintone. The shimmery cream color is chalky and not smooth at all. The tan shade swatched decently but it does not redeem the palette. This is one product you do not want to waste even a dollar on. You girls can safely skip this quad and try something else from E.L.F.


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