Happy Birthday To Me :)

My birthday was on Sunday, the 12th, but I celebrated with some of my friends the night before. I was in a rush as I was heading out and I forgot to put the battery into my camera so I bought a disposable camera from the drugstore. Nevertheless, I really like shooting with film and I own a few cameras which use film. I just want to share a few pictures from that night :)

The outfit I wore consisted of a bunch of new clothes I bought last week! I went to H&M and picked up a few cute pieces for my birthday. I banned myself from buying clothes in November and I had not bought a lot of clothing or accessories prior to that in awhile. It felt nice to shop and actually be able to purchase something!

I really love to layer during the colder months and I love neutral colors so I got an open draped cardigan which cost $25. I also saw a really pretty flowy vest which comes in a variety of pale hues but I got the nude beige shade which was $18. I think they look really great together :) I can see myself wearing the vest in the spring and summer as well! Under these I wore a floral tunic tucked into blue skinny jeans and leather riding boots.

I also snagged a $3 scarf from H&M which originally costs $8. I love soft ruffled scarves and I wear the black and white floral one a lot so I decided to get another one to switch it up.

My friend recommended we check out this sushi buffet place called Sushi Village located on Francis Boulevard in Queens. The price was $22 for weekends and $20 for weekdays which is not bad at all. We had a party of nine and ordered two heaping platters of sushi. The above picture is just one platter and some that couldn't fit but we had another large platter not shown. Overall, the food was alright but nothing spectacular. If you are really hungry and in the neighborhood, check this place out. If you're looking for really high quality sushi this probably won't be for you. This place is pretty small and it gets crowded so I suggest making a reservation!

The girls :) I blurred out most of their faces for privacy reasons. The person I didn't blur out next to me (you know who you are!) was the first person I told about my blog and she reads it sometimes :) Let's call her M from now on.

I really like this picture but my boyfriend is convinced he looks like a cancer patient :(

There, better?? A little maybe :/ I had a really great time and I can't wait for winter break to go out more!~ The actual day of my birthday was dreary and gloomy but I went out to eat Korean food with really close childhood friends and I had a great time. I didn't bring my camera so no pictures :( Hm, I haven't blown out candles in two years.... I should buy myself a cake next year just so I can blow out candles ^^

Yesterday was my last day of class and the last day to use the Sephora $15 coupon so of course I got something. M gave me a giftcard to Sephora for my birthday so I used that as well. I was torn between a few things I wanted to get including some Benefit gift sets but my store didn't have them....

So I cracked and got the Urban Decay Book of Shadows 3! I thought I wasn't going to get this palette since I have two of the colors already in my Book of Shadows 2 and some of the colors weren't ones I would wear much. But it seemed like a great deal since I only had to take out $17 to pay for it after the coupon and giftcard. I swatched a few colors and it really is gorgeous although I still think I like the Book of Shadows 2 better :) I was surprised that there were about three of these left at the store since I think the Book of Shadows 2 sold out fairly quickly....

I also got my Sephora birthday gift which includes a green eyeliner, shimmery white shadow and a mascara. I have yet to try the pencil or mascara as I put them into my sample stash for later use. The shimmery shadow is decent but nothing special. Nevertheless, it was free and worth picking up if you are a Beauty Insider!

I have finals next week but I should be posting more often now since I have more free time! I'm hoping to do some holiday themed looks soon :D


  1. Happy Birthday ^_^ I have the BoS3 and like it a lot ^^ it looks like you had a good time and you look adorable with your bf :)

  2. Happy belated birthday! ^__^ Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

    I wanted to get a benefit set too. I went to 3 Sephoras and couldn't find it so I gave up and used my $15 coupon on something else :(

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!
    I'm glad you bought the UD BoS III. Now I'm not the only one who has the it AND the Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland palette :D

  4. happy birthday!

    and the scarf, sweater and dress you bought look really good!! i so wish i had an H&M here in TX :<

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone :)
    mandy: What did you get with the $15? I love seeing other people's hauls!
    ashley: I think more people have the Urban Decay shadow boxes in general. I think I do prefer Urban Decay's palettes more overall because there are more unique colors and the pigmentation is creamier and better in my opinion compared to Too Faced :)


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