Happy New Year! && Bronzed Cheeks in the Winter?

Happy (almost) New Year! 

2010 is almost at an end and 2011 is fast approaching. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy New Year although you guys are probably celebrating already :) I have to go to a family party myself so this the following is a pre-written post.

If you read my blog often you should know I love to find dupes so when I heard that Wet n' Wild's Mineral Bronzer in Amber Glow was a dupe for Mac's Mineralized Skinfinish in Stereo Rose I just had to get it. This is regularly $4 but I picked it up during a 40% off weekly sale at Rite Aid so I only paid around $2.40 + tax. There is a lot of product in the tub, 5 grams to be exact, and with a mineralized product you don't need much. I suspect this will probably last me a lifetime.

After screwing off the top lid, a semi clear cover closes the sifter so that the product does not spill out. I do like this packaging as it makes the product accessible but not messy. The outer lid that is screwed on is not very tight though but it isn't a problem for me since there is a cap for the actual shifter anyway.

The powder is finely milled and blends easily into the skin. The pigment is there but it isn't super outrageously noticeable. I picked up some of the product with my finger and blended it out on the back of my hand and got a sheer layer of coral. Though this is a bronzer, it can easily be a blush for people with paler complexions.

The bronzer does give a nice sheen to the skin and I look forward to using this in the summer when my skin is more tan. I see myself using this as a summertime blush or all over face color to give my skin a sun-kissed bronze glow. I tried this on my cheeks the other day and the color was noticeable. I'm not too sure if I like this as blush for the winter but it definitely can be used as one.

Although the color is understated, that does not make Amber Glow a loser. I do like this product and for $4 it is a STEAL! Unfortunately I do not own Stereo Rose so I cannot tell you if this is a dupe for that. Nonetheless, I recommend this bronzer because it can be used as a blush or bronzer, it's affordable, and easy to find :) Do you own this yet? If you do, how do you use it and what are your thoughts on this?


  1. Yes, bronze cheeks are AWESOME in the winter! It really brings you to life :) It is not a loser color :)

  2. Gorgeous color, it doesn't look too glittery and has a nice sheen.

  3. Rainy Days: It does look nice in the winter because it livens up the complexion but I still tend to prefer bronze cheeks in the summer :)

    superslickgloss: Yep! It has a really subtle sheen so you won't have to worry about looking like a discoball ^^


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