Project 10 Pan Round 1 - Update #2

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Hope everyone is having a great time with family and friends, eating great food, and opening lots and lots of presents!

It's almost the end of another month and I've completely finished some products! Not much makeup getting used up because I keep switching up my products in an effort to vary up my looks, but it's a start! In October I did a post on some products I used up and I finished a bottle of Eucerin's Daily Replenishing Lotion. I had a back up of that which I finished a few days ago but my parents occasionally use it as well so I will count that as half a product.  I've completely used up a bottle of Up&Up's Eye Makeup Remover and I already have a brand new bottle waiting to be used up. But I have to finish what is left of my Rimmel Eye Makeup Remover which should be gone by next month. I am counting each of the bottles as half of a product.

I've also used up a sample of my Bare Minerals Matte foundation which I received from Sephora last year. I've used this quite a few times before the jar was completely empty even though it is supposed to last ten days. I do like this foundation for when I do not want heavy liquid foundation on my face but I am not sure if I want to purchase the full size. I want to look into Everyday Minerals since their prices are less expensive. Anyway, I am counting the foundation sample as another half a product.

After finishing my Bath and Body Works lotion in Moonlight Path, I've been using the one called Cherry Blossom. I do not know why I bought this lotion since I do not like the smell at all. It smells like cardboard to me.... I use this on my legs while I use Vaseline and Eucerin on the rest of my body. I'm about halfway done with the Cherry Blossom lotion and I have about half of another tube of Cucumber Melon waiting to get used up as well. I will not be repurchasing these lotions from Bath and Body Works because I do not think they are moisturizing enough. I desperately want to try out some Lush products since they are made with better natural ingredients. I plan on visiting Lush after Christmas since they usually have sales then :) I'm pretty much breaking my ban to do a Lush haul but I've finished quite a few body products so I think it is reasonable :) My Clinique Moisture Surge should be finished within the next month as well so that will be another half product!

Even though I want to finish up my E.L.F quad in Butternut, I want to also branch out and wear different colors on my eyes when the weather is cold and my skin is fairer. I can pull off browns and neutrals any time of the year but I find cool colors more appropriate and fitting in the fall and winter. So Butternut has fallen to the side while I experiment with the other colors in my collection. I have been using my mini Urban Decay 24/7 liner for pretty much everyday I wear makeup so that is slowly getting used up. Although the pencil is creamy it lasts quite a few uses before I have to sharpen it again. Even though the liner is a mini .02oz size, I've used it many times and it still has quite a bit to go before I cannot sharpen it further. I'm counting the mini eyeliner as one product since it has lasted SO long. I have two .03oz Urban Decay liners in Zero which I have not yet touched :) When I get the Naked Palette, I'll have another Zero to add to my collection ^^

My Clinique High Lengths Mascara was drying up after a few months of use so it was time to toss it. I dug around in my backup stash where I have a bunch of unopened mascara and settled on the Estee Lauder More Than Mascara. I am counting the Clinique mascara as half a product finished. I have two mascaras in use at the moment, the Estee Lauder and Maybelline's The Falsies. I will be tossing the Maybelline in two weeks or so because it seems to be clumping more. The Estee Lauder mascara is a sample I received from my mom's friend who works for Estee Lauder and it gives good length and separation but pretty much fails at providing any curl or volume. I'm layering it with The Falsies so it looks like I have some lashes.

Counting the lotion I used up last month and all the half products from this month, my total count of used up products is *drumrolls* THREE. That's it? Three. :( I've been doing some minor hauling and I'm not even close to finishing ten products.... Also, most of those products are bodycare and skincare products but not makeup! :( I hope to finish a few more things by the end of January though....


  1. Congrats! ^__^ Three products is a start (and it really is more since you counted so many as half) Good luck on the other 7 :]

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas mandy :) It is difficult to use products consistently especially when you have a lot to choose from X_X I use pretty much the same face makeup everyday so that should be the first to go in terms of makeup :/


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