Purple EOTD and a quick hairstyle!

In an effort to get more creative with my eye makeup and making it less of a routine filled with neutral colors, I'm digging out my bright, cool colors that don't get enough love. I tend to wear warm toned makeup throughout the year since it seems to suit my skintone better and it's usually an easier to look to pull off. But when it gets colder and my skin loses the summer tan and I have a chance to wear some blues and purples :)

I went out to a family friends' house to celebrate a little girl's 10th birthday and I had some time on my hands so I used a few shades from the Urban Decay Book of Shadows II to create this look. I used Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base and their 24/7 Zero liner to line my upper lashline and to smudge it on the lower lashline.

I used a Revlon cream eyeshadow from the Wild Orchids quad as a color base and applied the powder eyeshadow according to how I labeled it in the picture. As you can see, these Urban Decay shadows do not get much love despite being great shadows :( The pans look almost brand new and I've had this palette for over a year!

I also added some white shimmer to the inner corner of my eyes to give them a bright look. I really like adding white shimmer to the tear ducts in the cold months :) The shimmer I used is the highlight color from Maybelline's Eyestudio Quad in Taupe Temptress. I love the shades in that palette but I've only used the highlight color a few times to brighten the inner corner of my eyes....

Purple really makes brown eyes stand out :) I'd say purple is easier to wear as opposed to blue for me.... I did wear a blue look the other day but forgot to take a picture. I'll be sure to do more colorful eye makeup in the future to diversify my looks ^^

I'm not much of a hair person because I don't like to fuss with it. I only have a handful of hair products and although I only invested in a straightener and curler earlier this year, I do not use them often. Yesterday I opted for a simple messy bun tilted to the side. This is a super quick hairstyle that requires about a minute to do. I used a rubber band (the ones made for your hair) to tie my hair into a ponytail leaning to one side of my head. Then I wrapped the hair around into a bun and took a regular hair tie and haphazardly tied it into place.

I cannot believe Christmas is only a few days away and 2010 is almost at an end. I still have to take finals tomorrow and Tuesday so those are my priority right now :( Then I can enjoy the holidays and my month long winter break! :D


  1. I love the purple base :) I am a purple gal and i especially love lilacs and lavender shades :) So pretty on you :)

  2. I envy your messy bun & fringe! My fringe won't stay put for the life of it & my hair is still too short to be put into a messy bun >:\

  3. I love purples too Rainy Days :) They're probably one of my favorite colors to wear when I don't feel like doing a particularly neutral look.

    I have days when my bangs don't listen to me too Ashley :/ It usually helps to wet them with water and blow dry them while using a brush to comb it into place! When I finally cut my hair I'll miss being able to tie it up :(


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