Red and Gold Holiday Eyes Tutorial

During the most festive time of the year, of course your eyes have to reflect the gorgeous hues of twinkling decorations and shiny wrapping paper! This look is perfect for holiday parties and events with friends and family, adding the perfect pop to any outfit. Enjoy!

As usual, I primed my eyelids with Urban Decay Primer Potion and the orange gold shade cream shadow in my Revlon Skinlights quad (second from left in the quad). I used this color in a lot of other tutorials and it is similar to Mac's Rubenesque Paint Pot. I just want a nice shimmery base to help my gold and red shadows stand out more.

Taking a flat shader brush, I picked up the red color in E.L.F's Luxe quad and applied it from the middle to outer part of my lid.

This color is quite pigmented and smooth but blends away easily. You want to use patting motions to get the desired color intensity.

Apply the darkest brown shade in the Luxe quad into the crease and outer corner of the lid using a blending brush. You want to smooth out any harsh lines made by the red shadow in this step and to provide a subtle contrast of colors.

Next I took Half Baked from Urban Decay and applied this to the inner corner of my eyes. Half Baked is more of a true gold than depicted in the picture. In real life, it is less pale and more vibrant. This shade is gorgeous and richly pigmented.

Carefully pat this color trying not to get rid of too much of the red. You want a nice transition between the colors without covering up either one.

Pat some more red shadow onto the ball of the lid, or the center, to intensify the color once again. Using the lighter brown shade in the Luxe quad, apply it to the crease to blend out the shadows.

Taking E.L.F's Boldly Bronze pencil eyeliner, I lined my entire lower lashline area. You can use any slightly sticky, creamy product to provide a base for the lower lashline.

Taking an angled liner brush, pat Half Baked on top of the bronze base to give your eyes a gold sparkle! This really brightens the eyes and gives them a festive cheer :)

Apply eyeliner, mascara, and falsies to complete the look!~ I am using Shisem lashes in SF. I cut the band a bit so they would fit my eyeshape better because the band on this particular model is too stiff :( I do not really like this style of lashes and prefer criss-cross types more but you can use whichever ones you like best :) I did apply mascara to my lower lashes but my camera didn't pick it up.

This look is relatively inexpensive to create and most of the items can be found at your local This look is relatively inexpensive to create and most of the items can be found at your local Target and drugstore or substituted. Hope you guys found this helpful or inspiring :D


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