Short Hair: Yes or No?

So this is just going to be a short, impromptu post because I wanted to know what you guys think :) During the summer I had thought about cutting my hair short since it's been long for a few years now and I like changing up my hairstyle. As you can see I never went through with the idea and left my hair alone....

Well, today I got bored and wanted to see what I would look like if I actually did chop my hair off and I quite like it. I just like to hear other people's comments and suggestions even though I know my opinion is all that matters and even if everyone says not to do it I probably will just because I like it :) Last year I dyed my hair for the first time to a brown color and lots of people hated it but I liked it a lot! Just tell me what you think guys :D


  1. You look much more mature with shorter hair ^^ If you're going for the cute-pretty I guess long hair is nice but you look more mature and chic with shorter hair~

  2. I agree with the previous poster! The shorter hair makes you look more mature. I personally have always wanted to get a short haircut (a bob?) but am afraid my face can't handle it. Anyway I think you look great with either...

    Oh! Also do you cut your own bangs? I think your bangs look really nice. I wish my bangs looked like yours! haha

  3. I have to agree with the first 2 posters!

    I think short hair is easier to maintain and it feels nice when the wind blows but not in winter. But I like long hair cause you can curl it into long pretty curls.

    I like you with shorter hair if that helps :D

  4. I like both ^^ but if I were you, I'd wait until summer to cut it short, so my neck wouldn't be exposed to the cold winter wind.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions guys :D Wow, I actually thought short hair would make me look younger/cuter as opposed to long hair but I guess not!

    Amanda: Well, I haven't cut my own bangs according to this picture but after about 2 months my bangs get too long and if I'm too lazy to go to the hair salon I do it myself... In the past I've cut my own bangs out of convenience but the first time I got bangs I went to the salon :) When I get my hair trimmed about every 4-5 months or more I also get my bangs cut. If you go back a few posts you'll see that my bangs are really short (and ugly) because the hair stylist cut them too much :(

    J: I love that feelng when you cut off a bunch of hair and your head feels super light! But yea, shorter hair is a lot easier to maintain so that's another plus!

    Yuki: Yea, that makes sense :) But I'm impatient >.<

  6. Waaay before I hit puberty, I had long luscious, soft, silky hair (bragging rights). It was the only thing that made me look like a girl :( Then when I was 15, I chopped my hair short, almost like a pixie cut. It's really empowering to rock a short hair do or even at shoulder length! But now I'm almost 20 & I'm trying really hard to grow my hair out as long as it used to be but it's really hard. The bad thing about short hair is that it grows too long when it starts looking really good and becomes inconvenient to tame & manage. And when you decide to grow it out again, it may grow out with a wave or different curl.
    Also, on certain days, the short do can either make you look super chic or super cute. It can go either way!
    But really, you should cut your hair! It's fun to experiment and when you're older, you might not be as adventurous.

  7. Aw thanks for the anecdote Ashley :) I really appreciate the time you guys are taking to help me make my decision. I also think going from long hair to short is quite empowering (like how Emma Watson got a pixie cut after Harry Potter). But when I was younger I did go from super long straight hair to short bob-like hair. It grew back wavy so now I have wavy hair lol. I'm kind of scared that it'll grow back weird but not too scared :) Thanks so much for the suggestion Ashley.

    Thanks for voting Sakie :)

  8. Hesitate no more! Cut it tomorrow!


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