Wearable Gold Using Enchanted Glamourland!

I seriously have an eyeshadow obsession.... I buy buy buy and buy and I swatch the colors and then proceed to store them in my stash and forget about them. It's bad and I know it. I am trying to switch up my eyeshadow routine so that I do not gravitate towards the same items. I also tend to stay away from blues and greens and other bright colors so I need to start breaking that habit. In an attempt to get more use out of the shadows I have recently acquired, I whipped out my Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette which I reviewed and swatched HERE and did a look using some of the neutral shades.

To start off my look, I primed my eyelids with Urban Decay's Primer Potion as usual and applied a light orange and gold cream base from the Revlon Skinlight's quad. The color I used is second from the left. This is an older picture when I did not hit pan on the third shade if anyone is wondering :)

I applied a very sheer wash of color with the cream shadow all over the lid to bring out the intensity of the gold powdered shadows later on. This extra base will help shadows stick onto the lid better.

Taking a flat shader brush, I packed Honey Pot onto my brush. This gold is one of my favorite colors in the palette as it is smooth and creamy with little fallout. It is a beautiful true gold shimmer which reminds me a lot of Urban Decay's Half Baked.

I applied Honey Pot to my entire lid and concentrated the color in the inner half. I also smudged Honey Pot under the lashline for a bit of brightness and sparkle.

Next, I took Velvet Revolver, which is a matte light beige, onto the tip of a fluffy blending brush.

I applied this color into the crease to blend out the gold color and to add some dimension to my eye area.

Using the same brush, I took a bit of Teddy Bear, which is a slightly darker matte brown. I know a lot of people like having mattes in palettes but I wish this palette had less mattes and more unique shades or at least more interesting mattes. A few of these shades are reminiscent of the mattes in Maybelline's Chai Latte quad and Wet n' Wild's Vanity palette.

I applied Teddy Bear into the crease, layering it over Velvet Revolver to create more depth and to further diffuse color.

Next, I used a small crease brush to pick up one of the Exclusive shades in the palette. This shade looks really shimmery due to the small blue sparkles but it applies more like a dark plum-brown. I wish this shade was more pigmented and shimmery but it applies more matte.

I packed this color onto the other third of my crease and blended it into my lid area. This color looks mostly brown once applied which makes it pretty versatile. With an eyeliner brush, I also smudged this color along the outer third of my lower lashline. Some of the Honey Pot was blended away so I dabbed some of it onto the center of my lids to make sure the gold was visible.

I wanted a really black, precise line so I used my Loreal Lineur Intense Eyeliner. I rarely use liquid eyeliner since it takes me a long time compared to gel and pencil and I tend to make the wings uneven when I use liquid liner. Today it went fairly well though :) I curled my lashes and applied mascara to my upper and lower lashes.

Tada! That's the look I wore today to run some errands and I was really surprised that it did give me a really nice glow. My eyes looked defined and clean-cut which gave me an awake look. I think this look is great for the holiday season and if you thicken the liner and add some more volumizing mascara or falsies, it'd be great for a holiday party! Hope you guys enjoyed the look and hope it helped those of you who have an eyeshadow collecting problem and are constantly stuck in the same routine day after day.


  1. Wow, that's pretty much the same eye look I do everyday with the Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland palette, minus Exclusive Plum & the eyeliner! You did a great job with the eyeliner. If I tried to get a line that precise & thin, it would take me a whole day. I have the worlds worst non-steady hands!

    My two gripes about this palette is that I already have Boy Toy & Glamazon in another Too Faced palette of mine and the lipgloss applicator came wonky :(

  2. The exclusive plum is pretty much an optional step :) I don't find myself reaching for this palette everyday because I think the packaging is a bit troublesome since you have to lift the lid and pull out the drawer. The lipgloss applicator in my palette also looks a tad weird. I have yet to use the lipgloss since I want to finish some other products first!

    Practice makes perfect! I'm pretty bad with liquid liner and it's not my preferred formula but I might as well use it since I bought it ^^

  3. I like the way Teddy Bear looks on your eyes ^^ it makes them look naturally hollow.

  4. GORGEOUS gold color! I am obsessed with goldish colors right now and this is a look I am def going to recreate for work tomorrow :) Thanks for the inspiration! You have beautiful eyes :)

  5. Yuki: Yup, Teddy Bear is a really nice matte shade to add a subtle definition to the crease :) But there are a lot of drugstore mattes that do the same thing!

    Rainy Days: I love gold colors too! I'm really happy you're going to try this look out :D

  6. ooh I love Honey Pot! I have the Cocoa Puff and Honey Pot duo. I usually use drugstore eyeshadows but the texture and pigment of Too Faced shadows are just incredible.

    also, that plum-brown shade with blue sparkles looks like it could be a dupe for Everyday Minerals Shopping Spree. have you ever tried that color? it's magnificent :)


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