You've Got Mail!

After a long day at school, it really does make my day when I'm finally in my hotel lobby, unloading the day's mail from the little metal box. When there's something with my name on it I feel a surge of excitement like I'm five years old again. So you can imagine my excitement on Thursday when I opened the tiny box and found that it was overflowing with goodies! A few letters for my parents, my Netflix DVD, and three goodies addressed to me!! I constantly sign up for freebies and samples online and they take forever to get to me so I forget I ever applied for them.

First was the Sephora beauty insider gift card which I was expecting since it comes around this time every year. Last year was the first year I got this reward and it was $15 off $35 I believe. I'm kinda bummed it's off $40 now :(

I also got a sample of Eucerin's daily skin balance which I promptly added to my sample stash :) I got another sample of this before (I guess I signed up twice?) and used it recently and I LOVE it. I usually use the Eucerin lotion in the blue bottle but the red one is fragranced and I love the smell a lot. So I might pick the full size up in the future :D

The last parcel was probably the one that excited me the most which was the Rite Aid Glam Camp bag! There was a promotions where you had to spend $10 on a bunch of beauty brands and I easily did that so I qualified for this small duffel filled with goodies. But months passed and other beauty bloggers received their bags while I was waiting... and waiting. I kind of gave up by November and I figured something got lost in the mail or my request didn't go through successfully. But I was not forgotten after all!

The bag is quite cute although it's too small to use for anything I can think of. It was packed to the brim with a bunch of samples and a full sized lipgloss from Black Radiance. I've seen Black Radiance at my local Rite Aid but never bothered to try it. The gloss is quite dark and not my style so I passed it to my mom. In the end I just kept the Bodycology body wash sample and the Dream Liquid Mousse samples and added them to my sample stash.

The inside of the Maybelline placard has a bunch of the shades to try. This will come in handy when I'm looking to try a new foundation I guess. I'm curious about the Dream Smooth Mousse but I'm not sure about my coloring so I hope this will help :)

Although the samples weren't that amazing I'm still glad I got my bag in the end :D It felt like Christmas as I was tearing open the package :) Do you guys love getting mail? What's the last thing you received from your mail man ;)


  1. I love to get mail too! But after getting so many college postcards/brochures it doesn't get as exciting unless it's unexpected mail xD

    Hmm how come some people get their Sephora gift card by mail? and some by email?

  2. I found your blog through soompi!
    I love to get mail! LOL Especially packages, it's like receiving presents except that you paid for them haha xD
    I think the last thing I received from my mailman was my external hard drive :3

    I read that they were mailing out the Sephora gift cards this year but I got mines through e-mail just like the past two years O:

  3. mandy: Oh I remember those college letters X_X They were so annoying.... Not sure why some people get the giftcard by mail and some by letter :/ ACTUALLY, last year there was no minimum if you used the code online >.< I snagged a Korres lip butter and a bunch of samples for 75cents shipped last year!

    chobit: Ohh, yea I love getting packages in the mail too but I rarely order online since I live in an apartment. Again, not sure how the giftcards are working this year :/


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