The Beginning of a Lush Life

Lush is a brand I've been wanting to try out for months and I finally got to pick out a few products the other day. So far, I'm impressed and I like their company values and such. You can read more about them HERE if you aren't familiar with them yet.

One thing I knew I wanted to get was the Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub due to my dry skin which makes me develop scabs specifically on my back. It really sucks that I have very oily skin on my face yet severely dry skin on the rest of my body... but that's besides the point. The center of the scrub is filled with a pinky red colored goo which is semi liquidy. This scrub contains coconut oil which is supposed to moisturize skin as you slough away dirt and dead skin.

I cut the scrub into quarters so that it can last me more than one use since it costs $4.95. I put the whole piece into a plastic bag before cutting because this product can be a bit messy since sugar tends to flake off when you touch it. I used a butter knife to saw the product and some sugar crumbs fell off but the bag will catch that and you can use it even if it isn't in block form. I would suggest storing this scrub in a plastic bag because oils tend to leak out when it is warm because the product is supposed to melt in water.

Today I took a chunk of this into the bathroom to use and I placed it on my sink, careful not to get it wet while I shampoo, condition, and apply body wash and all that. After I'm pretty much done with my normal shower routine, I took the scrub in my wet palms and mushed it together. It takes a tiny bit of water to break down the scrub into a paste that can be massaged all over the body. But be careful not to use this under running water or else it will melt too fast and you won't get a good use out of this. I found that one quarter of the scrub was more than I needed for my entire body and if you can add more or less water depending on how sensitive your skin is and how much you want to exfoliate. The dry bits of sugar could feel a bit coarse and uncomfortable on my skin but adding water and making it into a paste helped it feel better. After scrubbing my entire body, I just rinsed off and my skin felt amazingly smooth and moisturized. The scent of the bar is hard to describe but it is quite strong when you smell it by itself. But after the scrub is rinsed off and you're out of the shower it leaves a faint fragrance but nothing too noticeable or off-putting.

I did break some of the unused pieces into smaller pieces for later use and I would say you could get around 5-6 uses out of one block of this, making it more affordable. I plan to use this once twice a week and I can't wait till next week to use it again :) Overall, I highly recommend this to those of you who want a natural scrub that works and is not afraid of some prep time to cut up the bar. This might not be great for those with very sensitive skin as it can feel abrasive at times. Let me know if you guys have tried this and if you like it :) Are you guys interesting in this product?


  1. It sounds amazing..I've always had dry skin but didn't like the feeling of lotion all over my body. I should definitely try this out soon :D

  2. I had my first lush experience yesterday. I want to try this scrub now great post.


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