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I ordered two items from Mac a few weeks ago and I never got around to blogging about them >.< Given my obsession with eyeshadows, I had to try one of the Mega Metal ones from the Peacocky Collection.  I chose the shade Unflappable which is a very dark gray with a purple undertone.

This retails for $19.50 and contains 3.4 grams, making it a great value compared to the normal Mac eyeshadows which cost $14.50 and hold only 1.5 grams. The pigmentation is excellent and this shade is perfect for a smokey eye or defining the crease and outer corner. I really love how Unflappable blends in the outer corner of my eyes as well.

I somewhat wish I picked up some more colors since the finish is really pretty and the color payoff is incredible. But $20 is quite a lot to throw down and I highly doubt I will ever finish this shadow. If you're an eyeshadow fanatic you must try out these shadows! They're still available online but they are limited edition so pick them up before they're gone! :)

The other item I purchased was the 217 brush which is my first Mac brush ever! I was really excited to try this brush because so many people rave about this fluffy blending brush. At first I was quite skeptical since all of my other brushes are low end and inexpensive and they do the job. To see reviews on a few other crease brushes I own, click HERE.

When I pay $22.50 for a brush I expect great results and I must say my expectations were blown away! I love this brush! This brush really can be used for a whole eye look since it has a wider, flat side for placing color as well as a thinner fluffy side to blend seamlessly. The bristles are incredibly soft and the whole brush has a nice weight and feel to it. There is definitely a difference between this brush and the inexpensive crease brushes I own.

If you want a good quality brush that does a great job at blending and will last many many years without falling apart, I would suggest investing in this brush. I will continue to build up my Mac brush collection as brushes are really important in doing one's makeup and they are products I will constantly reach for as opposed to my color makeup which is mostly ignored aside from a few favorite shades. A few Mac brushes I have on my wishlist at the moment are the 239 shader, 224 tapered blending, 168 large angled contour, and the 187 duo fibre. I have many more that I want but I am going to spread out my purchases so I can control my spending. :(

Tell me what your favorite Mac brushes are and what you think I should have in my collection! :D As a side note, I finished the Lush Once a Year Massage Bar and edited my review HERE. The glitter in that particular bar was extremely annoying because it got onto everything I touched. From now on I will only be buying glitter-less massage bars >.>


  1. i love the deep plummish colour of the mac eyeshadow! It would look amazing blended with shimmers.You should totally do a makeup look with the eyeshadow ~! Dramatic eyes with falsies or well masacara'd up eyelashes! ^_________^

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Maki :) I'll post a look up when I use Unflappable again!

  3. I really like the deep shade of that eyeshadow. This would be perfect for a smoky look. The 217 is awesome! Definitely a staple in my brush collection.

  4. 217 was my first Mac brush too and it's amazing! I use it every time I do my eye makeup. By the way, I just followed your blog : )


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