E.L.F Quads: Day2Night

I haven't posted an E.L.F review in awhile so here goes~ Day2Night is one of the smokier quads that E.L.F offers in their $1 line and it also happens to be one of my favorites. The colors are quite unique for the price tag and they are decently pigmented so you can achieve a whole look just with these colors alone. The coordination of colors works well and it gives me hope that E.L.F can add some more interesting shades to their $1 line in the future.

When swatched on the finger, Day2Night may be disappointing since two of the shades are not as smooth as most good eyeshadows are. You can probably tell that the two center shades, a very dark brown and a dark burgandy, swatch unevenly. The brown taupe and shimmery off white with gold shimmers are decently pigmented and pretty smooth. I compared two of the shades in this quad to the shades in L'oreal HIP's duo in Electrified HERE. Applying these shadows with a brush is not a problem and should not look uneven at all if you have a good eyeshadow base. Like most of E.L.F's eyeshadows, these produce a bit of powder in the pan when you dip your brush in but just tap your brush to get rid of excess pigment to avoid fallout.

This is a must buy if you are ordering from the E.L.F website because it is one of the most unique $1 quads they offer. If you love an easy, inexpensive smokey eye, you'll appreciate this cheap find!


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