E.L.F Quads: Silver Lining

Silver Lining is one of the cooler toned quads from E.L.F, featuring soft pastel shades to a gunmetal gray shade. Like the other quads from E.L.F this will only set you back $1. The colors in this quad are quite complementary and you can easily create a light wintry look. I see this quad faring better on paler skintones but that's just my opinion.

The shades are decently pigmented but you will need to apply a good base underneath them. The light lilac pink shade would look really nice as an inner lid color while the blue and gray would add definition. That's just the most simple way of using these shades together but of course you should feel free to do your makeup the way you want to :) The gray shade is a slightly blue toned version of Urban Decay's Gunmetal which I swatched side by side HERE. I would recommend this quad if you're a beginner looking for some cool toned shades to try out. This is not one of my favorite E.L.F quads but it is not my least favorite either. Personally, I've never actually used any of the shadows in this quad on my eyes :X


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