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At the end of December I purchased some new skincare products from The Face Shop and I've tried out the products for three weeks now so I have an idea of how well they work for me. I purchased two of their more popular products, the White Mud Nose Pack and the Post Acne Nighttime Spot Treatment, which are highly raved about in the blog and Youtube realms.

I struggle with acne and pimples constantly so I almost always have scars on my face that I desperately want to get rid of. This spot treatment, which retails for $15, is supposed to gently treat scars and get rid of discoloration. I like the simple, sleek packaging and the easy to use squeeze tube. The white, green, and dark gray wording is refined and subtly elegant. I consider packaging presentation and design to be vital aspects to a product so The Face Shop definitely gets a thumbs up.

The directions are straightforward and easy to follow. I use this treatment as the last part of my night time skincare routine and the formula absorbs into my skin quickly. The product has a faint citrus scent which is pretty nice and not overpowering at all. Despite all these positive aspects, I have not seen a drastic improvement in the lightening of most of my acne scars. It is difficult to judge the effectiveness of a scar fading product simply because scars fade naturally over time. This product seemed to heal some of my smaller, less pigmented spots more effectively than the larger areas which tend to be darker. Nonetheless I will continue to use this product because it seems better than doing nothing to treat my blemished skin. I might try the serum that is supposed to be used before this because that may help increase the effectiveness of this product.

I like the Biore Pore Strips which I reviewed HERE but I wanted something that would reach all my pores in the crevices between my nose and my face. This nose pack is supposedly always sold out but when I went to the store they had quite a few in stock. This only cost $7 which is quite affordable considering it contains 50 grams of product. The consistency is similar to that of glue and it has a pleasant, light scent. I use this after a warm shower when my pores are open but I pat my nose dry first because this won't dry on wet skin. The wait time for this to dry is similar to the Biore Pore Strips which is around 15 to 20 minutes. It can be difficult to tell when this is completely dry because it dries to a shiny finish which looks a bit wet. This is more of a hassle to peel off since it does not peel off into one cohesive strip. It took me awhile to get all of it off my nose but it did pull out a lot of residue from my pores. This works well at getting all the corners that the paper strips cannot. I recommend this if you usually use pore strips and want to get more surfaces cleaned. It is more messy than the paper strips and it takes more effort but it is well worth it :)

I took pictures of the products to give you an idea of how they look out of the tube and slightly blended into the skin. The spot treatment is on the top and the mud mask is on the bottom. I purposely did not blend the spot treatment completely because you would not be able to see it if I did. The mud mask can get messy but it washes off with warm water quite easily if needed.

Have you guys tried any of these products yourself or any other The Face Shop products? Let me know if you have and recommend me something! The next time I decide to splurge a little on The Face Shop I intend to get the Migamsu Cleansing Oil, a few more mask sheets, and some items from the White Tree line which are supposed to brighten skin. But that splurge won't be happening for some time....


  1. Have you heard of Ambi Fade Cream? It's supposed to fade dark spots, discoloration & scars. It's $5 at Target and has great reviews. I only started using it on Monday but hopefully it works out. If not, I'd try TFS spot treatment aswell.

  2. Oh, I haven't heard of that but thanks for telling me about it :) I'll look for it next time I'm at Target :D

  3. I have those exact two products. I've used the mud mask a handful of times a few months ago, but I'm such a's so painful IMO. Maybe I'm just not use to it. I'm hoping I could find something that could help my clogged pores/blackheads/whiteheads without pulling anything lol The spot treatment is difficult to see results. Especially when I get acne/scars so often. Ah..I wish products work for me as well as it does for everyone else. It'll make my impulse buys feel so much more justified xD

    Thanks for the review :]

  4. I guess I have a high threshold for pain on my nose because I actually like the feeling of peeling off nose strips.... Or maybe I'm just weird >.> I get acne really often too Mandy so you're not alone. Even if the treatment helps some scars heal faster, more pimples and scars will reappear in no time and the cycle continues.... We just have to be patient and try out our options till we find something that actually works :) Don't give up! ^^

  5. Where is this faceshop located? I need to load up on my skincare 'cabinet.

  6. I go to the one in Flushing, Queens which is located in the alleyway across the street from Macy's (on Roosevelt Ave). There is also another location in Korea Town on 32nd street in Manhattan.


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