L'oreal HIP Gem: Reckless

I've been hauling quite a lot of new products lately and I'm still in the process of trying them out to tell you what I think about them. A few weeks ago I picked up L'oreal HIP's High Intensity Pigment in Reckless at CVS because they are 75% off, making them about $2 and some change. They are still discounted so check out your CVS to see if they have any left! I do not like to fuss with loose pigments since they do require more caution and care when applying but I couldn't resist the sale and this unique color.

The vial is quite small but you only need a teeny bit of product to get a nice wash of color. There are small holes to dispense the product. I like to shake the vial while the cap is still on so just the smallest bit of powder is on the lid when I unscrew it. Then I'll proceed to dip my brush onto the lid so I do not pick up too much. The eyeshadow brush that is included with the pigment is actually very nice compared to other free brushes that are usually included with drugstore shadows. I prefer to use the brush to apply pressed shadows though because the bristles are not as tightly packed as I like when working with pigments.

The color appears like a light yellow gold in the vial but once swatched, there are so many interesting reflexes in the shimmer. It was difficult to capture the pink reflexes in the picture but I assure you there is a flash of pink in certain angles. This color is really beautiful and the texture of the pigment is smooth and finely milled. I have used this in the inner corner of my eyes to brighten them up and I can see myself using this as a cheek highlight as well. Overall, it is a brilliantly pretty color that can be used for a variety of things. I would not recommend this at it's retail price because it is quite expensive for a drugstore product but at less than $3, it's a steal!


  1. That's such a pretty color. Wonder if my CVS still has! Maybe I'll get it since it has mutiple functions :]

  2. It is a really pretty color :D The camera doesn't pick up the pink nuances! Tell me if you like it if you happen to get it :)


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