Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadows: For Sparkly Eyes Only!

Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore brands and you all know I love their Expertwear Eyeshadows since I've reviewed every quad and trio that I own from that line. Sometime last year they introduced a new line of eyeshadows in their Eyestudio line. Although this is a pretty late review and there have been countless reviews and swatches already, I'd thought I'd show you the four quads I have anyway.

I bought these quads two at a time and many months apart. I picked up Taupe Temptress and Copper Chic when the Eyestudio collection was still quite new and you saw in one of my hauls HERE that I went to try out Legendary Lilac and Irresistibly Ivy.

Although the Eyestudio quads are significantly smaller than the Expertwear quads, they are pricier at about $9-10 while the Expertwear is only $6-7. I got all of my quads on sale so I paid less than $6 per Eyestudio quad. Some have called the packaging cheap looking but I actually like it. I think the rectangles are sleek and the plastic molding is interesting. These actually remind me a lot of Japanese drugstore brand eyeshadow palettes like Kate and Majolica Majorca in design and pigmentation (although I do not own any, I used to be obsessed with these palettes and researched them extensively).

Taupe Temptress was one of the most eye-catching quads because I love taupe and berry eyeshadows. I like the color combination but to be honest I've only used this quad together once and it was quite recent. This quad has sat untouched for about half a year before I actually used it. I do use the lightest shimmery white as an inner corner highlight sometimes though.

As you can see, all the shades are super shimmery and pigmented. The shadows are creamy and smooth but there is a ton of sparkle and glitter which explains why I rarely use all the shadows together. These remind me of pressed pigments and I think the formulation is quite unique, especially for a drugstore brand.

Copper Chic has some really great neutral shades and I love love love the light beige cream highlight color for the inner corners of my eyes. I really do like sparkly inner eye highlight so these palettes are good for that :)

Again, the same creamy pigmented shadows are at work in this palette and I have used some of these shades together with a matte brown for a summertime look.

I decided to go back and buy two more Eyestudio quads because I wanted to try out the other shades. I do not have many light purple or lilac shades so I thought Legendary Lilac was perfect for me.

In the pan, the first three shadows look quite similar because they are all light but when swatched, they are noticeably different. I have yet to use this one on my eyes aside from the shimmery highlight color (again for inner corner highlighting).

I also got Irresistibly Ivy because I love neutrals and a pop of color, exactly what this quad has to offer. The teal is really gorgeous and knowing the pigmentation on these was good, I had to get it.

Excuse my camera for focusing on the palette rather than my fingers >.> Anyway, the colors are super smooth and gorgeous and I like how these colors are noticeably different so they won't blend into each other as easily.

Many people have said that these colors blend away too easily and fade into one shade. I can see that happening since there is so much shimmer in these and they are soft, but if you use a patting motion to place these on the lid it minimizes the fading by a lot. I like to pat the color first onto my eyelids before doing any blending whether it be on the lid, crease, or lashline. Using a sponge-tip applicator for the lid colors is also advisable to get the most opaque application. Overall, I do recommend these quads if you like pigments and are not afraid of shimmer and glitter. I really should use these more as they are often neglected although they work very well :( Looking at these swatches, I'm tempted to purchase a few more quads but I'll restrain myself :P


  1. I love Maybelline Eyestudio e/s but they're too shimmery for daily use. I think Mad About Muave & Copper Chic are the best out of the bunch!

  2. I've been wanting to try their Eyestudio products for a long time but something keeps stopping me. Irresistably Ivy and Taupe Temptress look super pretty! I need to go check them out tomorrow.

    I really want to try their gel eyeliner though! I always get coupons for it but I never get to buy it before they expire.

  3. omg! i did not know they had these shimmery shades! ahaha people who are obsessed with shimmery eyeshadow like me are thanking the 'bieber god' for this find! i am going to cross my fingers and pray they carry this in toronto. these are officially on my to buy list. gosh being a girl is expensive.

  4. They look so pretty but I ended up not liking them because they disappear when blended.

  5. Ashley: Yup, I think they would be way too shimmery if used daily but they are wearable if you use other colors with different finishes.

    Maggie: I want to try out their gel liner too and I have coupons! But I have several other gel liners I should use up first >.>

    Maki: Haha it's good that you love shimmery shades but what "bieber god" are you talking about 0_o.

    Pang: Mm, I get what you mean :/ These do fade pretty easily but putting them on top of a color base helps a bit and not blending too much helps. I especially love the shimmery highlights for my inner corner so I actually use those shades semi-often.


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