Oops, I Did It Again :(

I confess, I HAULED :( Technically I could easily just haul and not post them up and you guys would never know I'm breaking my ban :) But, I'll be honest and show you how low my self restraint is. Be warned, this will be a very long, rambly post :)

Over the past week I've made three beauty related purchases at The Body Shop, Mac, and Lush. I'm pretty excited since I picked up a few new skin care and body care products that I really wanted to try out for awhile. This was the first time I purchased anything at a Mac store (I've bought some things from the CCO before) and my first time at a Lush store.

Soooo let's see what I got! The first purchase I made was at The Body Shop and I actually got these items the same day I purchased some stuff at Bath and Body Works which you can read about HERE

They were having a sale and I couldn't resist :( I picked up the Seaweed Skincare Starter Kit and the Sweet Lemon Body Butter. I actually got the seaweed set for Christmas from someone and I actually wanted to try out products from this line for a few months because I've heard good things about it since I have oily skin. The set is usually $25 but it was on sale for $12 so I had to pick up another one. So now I have two of the same sets which I have yet to open :) I'm waiting until I finish some skincare products before I open these. Originally I wanted the Brazil Nut Body Butter because Hey Its Kristie did a review on it HERE but it wasn't on sale. Instead I picked up the lemon one because it was only $10 as opposed to the regular $20.

On that same day that I bought the goodies from The Body Shop I intended to go to Lush but the location I thought was there disappeared :( But yesterday I happened to be in an area where I knew there was a Lush and I promptly towed my boyfriend along with me :)

This is the damage I did.... I got a bunch of massage bars and the Sugar Babe Shower Scrub because I have very dry skin in the winter and I'm sick of slathering on Vaseline to keep my skin from being itchy and scarred. Sugar Babe is the white dome at the top of the picture. To the right of that are two Once a Year Massage Bars which were buy one get one free because they are limited edition holiday products. Continuing on I also go Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar and finally Soft Coeur Massage Bar. Buying two massage bars entitles you to a free oval tin so that was nice too (the offer does not work on holiday deals). I was pretty excited that I got some new products to try out because I've been reading and watching about Lush for a few months now. I head that the sales people were super pushy and annoying but I actually liked the people who helped me. They were helpful and friendly and did not seem intimidating at all. Only after I left the store did I realize I did into get any samples. I thought Lush was known for giving out tiny chunks or tubs of product for people to try to see if they liked them. I was pretty bummed about that since I like trying out things before buying the full size. I plan on going back to Lush somewhere at the end of Spring to buy some more items :) I think my Project 10 Pan will be over by then!

I ordered from Mac on Thursday night (with a giftcard!) and they never informed me that they had shipped my order. But when I returned home yesterday, I found the black box on my desk! Their shipping is super quick and I'm highly impressed :)

I only purchased two things but they cost me $42! I got the Unflappable eyeshadow from the Peacocky collection that just came out and the pan is HUGE. I will probably never hit pan on this shadow nor come remotely close haha. I also got my first Mac brush, the 217! I'm super excited to use this because it is so multifunctional and it should last me a long time. I plan to buy a Mac brush once in a few months to slowly build up my collection.

At the beginning of the week I also went to the Woodbury Premium Outlets and I only got one thing after a whole day of walking.

I actually really dislike Coach in general because their bags are generally really plain and tacky and everyone and their grandma has one just for the sake of having one. These bags are extremely over-hyped and I do not think they are worth their retail price at all. I don't mean to offend any of my readers by my opinions but I'm just saying what i feel. They only have a handful of bags that I actually do find appealing and the styles look like the one I purchased, the short top handles with the longer removable strap. This model is called the Ashley and I remembered I liked another bag similar to this one called the Sabrina. I really love the shape of this bag and the color is quite nice too. I was torn between this color and a cream with gold hardware but I opted for this one since I already have a white leather bag.

I also like the purple interior which is quite small but roomy enough to fit all my daily necessities. This bag retails for $358 and I purchased it for $151 which is a decent deal. My mom actually paid for the bag so thanks Mommy :)

While I was at the outlet I was dying to go to the CCO since I don't have chances to go there unless my parents drive me. Unfortunately I was highly underwhelmed by their selection as they only had a few shadows from the Style Warriors and Liberty of London collections. There were no MSFs or blushes to be found at all except for the holiday face palettes from 2009. I did a ton of research of past collections a week in advance to see what might possibly be at the CCO but was sorely disappointed. I saw one lipglass from the Liberty of London collection that I had in mind but I guess my disappointment caused me to walk out of the store empty handed, hoping for a better experience the next time (whenever that will be). I also went to the Lancome Outlet Store and the selection was alright. The single shadows were going for $7 but I really did not need anymore shadows. Some skincare was on discount but they were still pretty pricey so I passed. So I'm moderately proud of myself for not getting any beauty related things at the outlets but that was mostly due to the poor selection. I was planning to spend way more at the CCO :/

Stay tuned for reviews on the products I recently hauled! I have yet to do reviews on some of the items from my past hauls :X I've vowed not to break my ban again and I have an announcement to make about my Project 10 Pan which will be coming around the end of the month! Thanks for reading everyone :)


  1. I feel the same about Coach lol, the c design is so tacky. But that bag you got is really nice and for a great price too ^-^

  2. Nice haul :] I've kind of fallen out of coach even though I only have a wristlet from them..But that bag isn't bad. I love bags that have short handles and longer strap! But nice ones are hard to find =\

    Please post about the massage bars! I want to try them but don't know where to start xD

  3. Lush had kinda become a pain about their samples. they used to just drop in samples even if it was just one or two, but now you have to ask for them. Again, even if it's just ONE, they'll make a bother about it.
    Great hauls though! I feel the same about Coach but I love the bag you bought!

  4. Lychee: I also think the C design is ridiculously annoying! Haha, I know a lot of people who would beg to differ though.

    Mandy: Mhm, I'm really picky about bags and shoes so it's hard for me to find one I like a lot. I'll have a review on one of the massage bars up by the end of the week! So far I like them a lot! :)

    Pandrikuma: Hey, you're from Soompi :) Sucks to hear that they're being skimpy with their samples since I think it's really nice of companies to allow customers to try things before they buy them. I think next time I go I want to try the Big shampoo and a facial cleanser since there are varied reviews on some of their products and my skin is really troublesome.

  5. Tee Hee yeah I'm one of those that like Coach. I do love their more colourful designs from the poppy line and stray away from their typical in your face Logo bags that everyone has.

    I have that Coach purse too but in black with dark purple satin interior and my mom bought it for me as well! High five it's a great purse without the in your face coach print :)

    The lush products look nice, I wonder if they smell good? When I pass by their store I always get a headache cause of all the different smells in one tiny shop.

  6. I think everyone's opinion on scents is really personal so you should go in a sniff some of the products yourself. I find that most of the products I sniffed were pretty strong because they're not diluted by water. Some of the scents smells kind of weird to me and I can't exactly pinpoint what the smell is but they're not terrible. It really depends on the individual and the product to be honest so I can't really answer your question :/ Try out some products for yourself!


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