Pixi Winter Makeup Eyes Palette

Pixi is one of the higher end makeup brands which graces the aisle of Target but I still consider it part of the drugstore category. I've never tried out any of their products before until now because the Winter Makeup Eyes palette was on sale (might still be on sale depending on your Target). This palette retails for about $10 but it was 50% off so I snagged it up for around $5.

The palette was sealed in cardboard and clear plastic packaging similar to most of E.L.F's $1 line items. I had no idea that there was a coupon on the inside of the cardboard packaging so I ripped it up in my excitement.

The palette is lightweight and compact, holding 12 small eyeshadow pans and a mirror on the cover flap. Although the packaging is not luxe or expensive looking, it is sturdy and the light pastel green is refreshing to look at.

There was also another palette from the same line with brighter colors but I opted for neutrals as usual. I really love the shades in this palette as they range from light highlight shades, lid shades, to crease and outer corner shades. There is a variety of finishes at play here with a few mattes, shimmers, and satins. They looked gorgeous in the pan but would they show up well on skin?

The swatched wonderfully on my fingers! The shadows were quite creamy and color pay off was no problem at all. I did not swatch all of the colors but I just want to show you guys a sampling of shades.

The last color in the palette, the black with chunky glitter, swatched a little blotchy but it might have been because my fingers were a bit damp from washing the previous swatches off. Don't the colors look pretty?

This will definitely be coming with me on my next vacation! This is great for a whole eye look and the variety of shades is really perfect for a myriad of occasions. Although I think this is quite pricey at $10 considering the pans of the shadows are so small, I'm glad I picked this up for $5. I hope Pixi releases more palettes like this one and Target puts them on sale :)


  1. This palette seems great for beginners; neutrals & no hefty price tag. I haven't been to the beauty section of Target in a long time..maybe it's time to pay them a visit soon lol

    I wonder if your coupon is still usable even if it's rip?

  2. Gorgeous colors I really want to try this! Thanks for the swatches.

  3. You should check Target out Mandy! I went back yesterday and they still had tons of Pixi palettes but it varies by store. I threw the coupon out because I don't think I'll be buying anything from Pixi for awhile :) Fighting the urge to buy more!

    Your welcome superslickgloss :D

  4. why dont i see pixi makeup at my target? which aisle do you find these in? (:

  5. You should be able to find these in the beauty aisle Clarissa :) I found this specific palette in one of the end caps labeled "Clearance" but usually Pixi has it's own spot amongst the other brands like Revlon and Maybelline. Hope you find these goodies at Target!

  6. hmm im almost always in the cosmetics aisles in Target but i dont see it around. maybe i ust overlook it. i'll definitely be on the lookout for Pixi. Thanks!


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