Project 10 Pan Round 1 - Update #3

This is the third month since I've embarked on Project 10 Pan and as you can tell from the haul posts (mini or not), I have broken ban a few times already. I've simply become too accustomed to buying new goodies to play with every week or so. As a result, my collection has exploded. People look at my collection and they're simply stunned by the amount of products I've purchased. Most of my friends do not use makeup often and I don't think any of them are as obsessed as I am :( Now that I do not have a job at all, I cannot afford to spend even $20 a week on beauty products which I do not need.

Surprisingly, I actually finished a few products within the past month but several were ones I've been using over a long period of time.

Finished Products (and quick reviews):

Clinique Moisture Surge (sample) -- Counts as 1/2
I did enjoy this as a light nighttime moisturizer for the past two months that it has lasted me. I do like the generous samples Clinique includes with their seasonal GWPs because I get to try out products that I probably wouldn't buy for full price. I liked the refreshing feel this gave my face but I think less expensive products might work as well as this so I will not purchase the full size. I have an in-depth review of this product HERE.

Rimmel Eye Makeup Remover -- Counts as 1/2 (not pictured)
I got this on a whim at Target back in March (probably did not use it until a few months after that) because I had a coupon. This was relatively inexpensive and only cost me a few bucks and it does a decent job at removing my eye makeup. I do like the bottle and will keep it to store other liquids when I need to travel or something. However, I will not repurchase as I have a back up of the Up&Up Eye Makeup Remover which I love and will continue to repurchase. 

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara -- Counts as 1/2 (not pictured)
I only have two to three opened mascaras at a time since they get dry after a few months. This mascara was decent and it got the job done. I liked how it separated my lashes and held a curl but the volume wasn't amazing. I might repurchase this in the future but I have at least five unopened mascaras waiting to be used :)

Bath & Body Works Lotion in Cherry Blossom -- Counts as 1
I don't even know why I bought this lotion in this scent because it smells like cardboard to me. A few months ago before I started blogging, I hauled a ton of B&BW stuff because there was some buy 2 get 1 free deal. I really do not like this scent but I can put up with it. I used this mainly on my legs everyday after my shower since this does not give enough moisture to the dessert-dry regions of my back and arms. I will definitely NOT repurchase this nor any of the other B&BW lotions because I do not think they are worth the money. Drugstore moisturizers are a fraction of the price and work as well if not better than these.

St. Ives Green Tea Facial Cleanser -- Counts as 1/2
I've had this for quite a while too and I bought it because Fuzkittie liked it and she is really serious about her skin care. Unfortunately this cleanser did absolutely nothing for me and it took me forever to finish it because I kept switching cleansers (which probably wasn't a good idea anyway). Although it did have 2% salicylic acid, it didn't seem to do anything to prevent or treat my breakouts. Other people like Catalina suffered a bad reaction from using this cleanser and broke out more. I will not repurchase this since I could not see any results. I have a bottle of Clinique's Liquid Facial Soap in Mild which I bought almost a year ago but never opened. It's supposed to be for normal to dry skin so I hope my typically oily combination skin can use it since I do get a bit dry in the winter.

L'Occitane Hand Cream -- Counts as 1
I've been using this for over a year but only in the cold fall and winter months because that is when my hands are very dry. These are expensive hand creams (I bought a set of three for $25 at Sephora) but they last quite a well and moisturize without leaving a sticky residue. I find this very convenient to keep in my purse whenever my hands are feeling a bit tight because I can slather it on, rub it in, and continue with whatever I am doing. I already started on a new tube of this in the lavender scent which is noticeably more liquid but it still works well. I might repurchase this if I ever need to but I have another hand cream that my friend gave me for Christmas and I want to search the market for other hand creams to test out :)

So this month I've finished four products. Adding that to my previous count of three products, I have completed seven products. So I should only need to use up three more things before I can start hauling again BUT because I have cheated so many times, I am extending my Project 10 Pan to a Project 15 Pan. I really do want to finish some actual makeup products instead of just skin care and body care. I will still be labeling these future update posts as Project 10 Pan but the titles will say "Project Pan". I will not choose five new products since I have many from the original post which I have yet to come close to finishing.

I've been a very good girl since my last hauling (January 10th but blogged on January 12th) and I'm hopeful that I can restrain myself for awhile longer since school is starting and I will not have as much time to shop. However, I love to make lists and I used to always write long lists of things I want to buy. I put together a master list, organized by brand, of all the makeup, skincare and other beauty products I'm lemming for. I also included the price next to each item so I have a shopping list for when I'm done with my Project 15 Pan! The list is hopefully going to help me prioritize my spending and I'll slowly purchase what I've listed.

So that's it for my long rambly post which probably was quite boring for you to read. I hope the mini reviews were helpful and I'd love to answer any questions you might have so leave me a comment!


  1. YAY Congrats! ^__^ I saw the picture and thought four But you actually finished more! Awesome :] (Excuse my kiddy reactions hehe) I totally agree with the st.ives cleanser. I'm about done with mine too! Eh I think I'm over the B&BW phase..some of the hand lotions smell great but I think I need to find better ones.

    I do the same thing! I but I'm a bit less organized with my shopping/lemmings list xD Maybe if I have time I'll reorganize it. But I recently started a spending log. I'm afraid to sum of all I spent though :X Must go on a partial pan project soon!

  2. Congrats! Pretty soon, I'm gonna have to get on this project too. I go through face products a lot quicker. I think my lip products and eyeshadows can last me a lifetime.

  3. GOOOD LUCK! Do what I do and keep track of all the items that you are buying. You can see how much you've spent and tell yourself to stop - because I write all my purchases down, I feel totally guilty every time I update that page... so to feel less guilty - I just buy less and less. I don't know, it works for me. Also, since I'm so busy w/ school - I hardly find time to get myself to a store anymore - which really helps!

  4. Good luck! I'm actually a make up ban myself after I've realized my stash of my makeup can prob last me a lifetime -.-

  5. mandy and ndoodles: I used to keep an extremely detailed word file with all my beauty purchases arranged by product type and brand with the retail price and how much I got it for. I kept that up until a few months ago when I just kept buying stuff nonstop and I didn't want to know the total anymore :P

    Pang: Yup, eyeshadows are so tough to get rid of because I like to switch them up daily or weekly >.<

    OrangeKiss: Goodluck on your ban!

  6. Good luck! I think I want start one soon since I'm not really buying much makeup anyway. Last year, I did a Project 5 Pan and I felt so immensely proud whenever I finished a product! ^___^


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