Quench My (Skin's) Thirst

I haven't been wearing makeup for the past few days since I have been staying home a lot and I want to let my skin breathe so no eyes or face worth showing :( I have been really into my new body care products so here's another review for you guys :D I have a few makeup related posts coming up which I already drafted but I'm trying to space out my posts so I won't have five posts one week and only one post the next.

I hauled a few different body moisturizing products as you saw in my last haul post and I wanted to compare and contrast The Body Shop's Lemon Body Butter and Lush's Once a Year Massage Bar instead of doing separate reviews. The Lemon Body Butter retails for $20 and includes 200 ml or 6.75 oz while the Once a Year Massage Bar is only a mere 2.1 oz and costs $8.95. I got the body butter on sale for $10 and I bought two of the massage bars for the price of one since after the holidays, holiday items are buy one get one free (I gave the other bar to my mom). Price wise you get more bang for your buck with the body butter which is also available year round while the massage bar is only available for a few months during the holiday season. 

The body butter comes in a standard plastic tub which some people may not like since it is not the most sanitary kind of packaging. The consistency of the butter is a dense, yet lightweight lotion and it seeps into the skin very easily, leaving a non-greasy finish. The consistency is quite light and although it feels nice, it does not hydrate my very dry skin as much as I would like. There is a formula for very dry skin but there was no promotion on it :( This body butter is targeted toward normal to dry skin types. I think this would be better in the spring and summer when I do not need as much moisture.

Meanwhile, the massage bar can be used as a massage oil or an after shower moisturizer (I use it for the latter) and contains hazelnut oil to form a layer of moisture over the skin without clogging pores. I store my massage bar in the tin that comes free with the purchase of two massage bars or I keep them in plastic bags. Massage bars should be kept in cool places to prevent them from melting. The sales associate at Lush recommended to rub the bar between my hands then rub my hands over my skin but I find this method to trap all the moisturizer into my hands. Instead, I take the bar and rub it all over my body and at first it may seem like nothing is transferring but after about five seconds the bar will warm up and will release a moisturizing balm onto your skin. I actually like rubbing the bar all over my body because it does feel somewhat like a massage and quite therapeutic. This moisturizes my skin better than the body butter and it also seeps into the skin relatively well despite feeling semi greasy at first. As for how many uses this will last you, it all depends on how much you rub. I gave my mom one of the bars I got for free and we've been using them for about two days and my bar is quite a bit thicker than hers so I guess she uses it more liberally. You don't need a lot of product but this probably wouldn't last you more than two to three weeks. Follow up: After continuous daily use, Once a Year lasted two weeks. Oh, and the wing like shape on the bar is actually a mustache and there's tons of glitter in it. If you use that side of the bar, glitter WILL transfer onto your skin and it can be difficult to rub off so keep that in mind. The glitter is super annoying during the last few uses and it ends up all over my hands and thus all over everything I touch including my clothing, face, and furniture. I will probably not be re-buying this particular bar or any other bars with glitter in them. This might be difficult to use in warmer weather since they melt quite quickly and I do not need as much hydration then. These are great for the fall and winter though!

Both products carry a distinct scent and honestly I prefer the Lemon body butter which has a light, refreshing lemon scent. It reminds me of a type of candy and it is strong enough to be noticeable after a few hours later but delicate enough not to be irritating. The Once a Year massage bar is supposed to smell like brandy but it smells like spicy bubblegum to me and I dislike bubblegum scents. It is a lot more pungent than the body butter but I'll deal with it since it works quite well. Lush products carry quite unique scents and I think it's safer to try out the products in the store before buying because those of you with sensitive noses might not like the scents.

Overall, I do like both moisturizers but will probably save the body butter for the warmer months while I stick to massage bars for the rest of winter to soothe my itchy skin. If you need a lot of moisture definitely go to your local Lush and sniff all of the ones they have to find your favorite scent. I'm quite sure all of them should be just as moisturizing and relaxing. There are several body butters for different types of skin from The Body Shop so be sure to find one that is appropriate for your needs. Hope this review was helpful and if you have any questions regarding either of the products please leave a comment below! I have two other massage bars I have yet to try but I want to finish up Once a Year first :)


  1. Great review! I personally don't like body butters from the Body Shop as much--the scent is far too overpowering, and so heavy on the skin! xx

  2. Both of those look really nice! It's good to give your skin a break.

  3. The bar is really pretty. I like the angelic wings :D Great review!

  4. Lol Now that I look at it again they do look more like mustaches! Thanks for the review! My skin has been soo dry lately..I think I should stop buy and see if they're still haven't any sales at lush this week :D

  5. Steph: I didn't get to smell all of them but I think the lemon smells really light and fresh :)

    superslickgloss: I really can't go a day without moisturizing my body in the winter. I try to find an enjoyable way for me to do that so I have more motivation to keep up the routine.

    Rainy Days: Haha, don't they look like angel wings?

    mandy: Mhm! I think I took the second to last bar they had though >.< I went to the store at Union Square and I didn't get to look at the whole shop since I wanted to restrain myself from spending too much but I saw some boxed sets left there :)

  6. My friend used to work for Lush and said the bath bombs with glitter/shimmer could be used on the face or eyes. I guess the ones infused with glitter defeat any multi-purpose use.
    I guess the best way to use Once A Year is on the day of a special event where you want to sparkle!


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