Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses: Pink Petal, Lilac Pastelle, Coral Reef

Whenever I shop for makeup I tend to gravitate towards eye shadows, blush, highlighters, and all those products filled with shimmery goodness so I have a very meager collection of lipgloss since I prefer cream finishes. So it's quite amazing that I have three glosses from the Revlon Super Lustrous line even though I rarely skip lip products. These lipglosses are definitely familiar to many of you already since they are considered one of the best lipglosses available at the drugstore, retailing at around $7 to $8 a pop. 

I got all of these at separate occasions but I seem to keep coming back for more! I bought Pink Whisper when I was first getting into makeup more than a year ago and I thought the light pink color was easy to wear and the micro shimmer was pretty. To be honest I have not worn this gloss very often but then again I rarely wear lipgloss anyway. This gloss looks nice by itself or over a lipstick and it nudes out my natural lip color quite well. These glosses are pigmented and comfortable enough so that my lips are not dry afterwards. Coral Reef is a bright coral orange which will be great for spring and summer though I have yet to wear this on my lips at all :X Then I recently picked up Lilac Pastelle when CVS had this for 75% off and although this looks quite weird and scary in the tube, it looks amazing on my lips! It transforms into a milky blue based pink on the lips which I love.

You can see that the lipglosses are very opaque and vibrant. Pink Whisper has shimmers in it while Coral Reef and Lilac Pastelle are creams. I prefer the cream finishes but the shimmer in these glosses is not chunky or irritating. These glosses also contain SPF 15 which I love since the sun irritates my lips easily and I suffer from sunburnt lips quite often. When I'm off my Project 10 Pan and Revlon is having a sale, I hope to pick up Peach Petal which is a cream nude peach :)

Have you guys tried these glosses and which shades do you own? When my Project 10 Pan is over I think I should focus on buying lip products instead of eye shadows all the time to diversify and even out my collection. So that way I'll be able to find more shades and finishes that work for me instead of relying on the same few products and colors over and over :)


  1. Oh! Pink Whisper is so so beautiful although I love the three of them!

  2. I wish the CVS's by me had these on sale..I was looking forward to buying it discounted since I don't wear lipglosses enough regularly to justify the full price xD Lilac pastelle is very pretty! Looks scary in the tube though~

    LOL I find myself buying base makeup and blushes more than anything else :P

  3. All three look gorgeous! I've been actually looking for a review on all three of these shades - so thanks! :)

  4. Yes I love revlon glosses, and loved those ones (lilac and coral reef) from the spring collection. I heard they are permanent now which I am so excited about cause they are awesome.

  5. I like wearing Lilac Pastelle under a pink lipstick. It really brings out the pink!

  6. Pink Whisper is a really pretty basic pink, Catanya :)

    mandy: The purple is scary in the tube but it looks nice on the lips! I'm pretty good at limiting my base makeup buys because liquid products tend to expire quicker and I usually do the same base makeup for awhile before I find something new. My love for blushes is growing though >.<

    Glad I could help superslickgloss :D

    Justine: Yep, they made them permanent but CVS had some for 75% off so I hope they're not discontinuing those >.<

    Yuki: Ah, that would make sense! I usually wear it just by itself because I kind of like the sheer milky texture it gives ^^

  7. I had Pink Whisper but I got rid of it just because I just didn't wear it as often as I'd liked. But I have Life's A Peach and LOVE IT!

  8. omg i totally forgot about revlon lipgloss and how much BAM! the colours have~ ! The coral is a great colour for everyday wear, hell all of them are. Revlon gives us soft coloured lips without being too subtle. Lovely lovely delicious lips booyah~

  9. I had so much fun shopping at CVS and finding these great deals. I have lilac pastel I bought it when it first came out on the market. I like it better paired with a lipstick as opposed to on its own. Coral reef looks very similar to firecracker :o

  10. I have Coral Reef and it turns too orange on me so I don't like it :( But I LOVEE pink afterglow. It's one of my favourite lip glosses!


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