Another Neutral Quad! :D

By now you all should know I love eyeshadows, specifically neutral shades, so I have another palette in my collection to swatch and review for you all :D I picked up the Rimmel quad in Smokey Brun during the CVS Clearance Sale when it was marked down 75% and I had a $1 coupon. This retails for about $5-6 I believe and I got it for only a few cents so I figured why not snag myself more neutral shades.

The packaging and colors are quite standard. The compact is similar to the rest of Rimmel's blushes and eyeshadows with the clear lid and black casing. The shades are all shimmery and you get a creamy off white, a champagne tan, a midtone bronze-y brown, and a dark red toned brown.

The shadows are decently pigmented, finely milled, and on par with most drugstore eyeshadows that I own. They do kick up a bit of powder so be careful not to dig your brushes too hard into the pans or else you'll make a mess. I recommend this if you want an inexpensive quad filled with neutrals that work. If you already have a lot of neutrals that work for you, you can safely skip this quad as there's nothing amazing here. Rimmel seems to be phasing out these older quads for their new quads where the shadows are in triangular pans. However you can still get Smokey Brun in the new format although I am not sure if the formulation is different. If you know how the new shadows perform please let me know in the comments! ^^


  1. So pretty!!! It's a fool proof palette :)

  2. I did a review of this on my blog earlier too, it's a nice quad.

  3. i love it! i wish i had a cvs near me =( Im sure i already own plenty of similar colors though!

  4. Haha yeah Rimmel shadows aren't that great but I hear this one is an exception! I have too many of these neutral palettes though or I'd pick this up.

  5. Rainy Days: Yup! Perfect for traveling or days when you're in a rush!

    Justine: Ohh, I think I remember seeing your review before I purchased my quad and I think you convinced me to get it since it was on sale :)

    Jenny: Yup, you probably have similar colors already ^^ I know you love neutrals like me haha.

    ndoodles: I heard the others are not as pigmented but now they've revamped their quads and trios so I'm hoping the quality is better!


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